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With everything that has happened over the past few months and to some extent still happening, I have been asked when we are planning our next retreat as some of you are really keen to get away.

With all this in mind, and the need for the body and mind to be somewhere calm, peaceful, fresh and truly magical, I have re-scheduled this truly luxurious retreat in Kefalos, Kos, Greece for 2021!



🌱7 nightS accommodation with brunch every morning and dinner 5 nights of your stay


🌱Cooking workshops throughout the week x2

🌱Introduction to vegan nutrition workshops x1



🌱Introduction into silent time, reflection & journalling workshop

🌱Airport transfers

–  Plus a lot of time to enjoy the villa & the local village.




🌱travel insurance

🌱health insurance

🌱excursions/water sports activities

🌱dinner on 2 nights (where we will be out and about).

**There are limited spaces available.  There are 7 twin en-suite rooms available which are available for single occupancy if you are travelling on your own or with another person (partner, friend or family member)** 




2 – 9TH MAY 2021



Kos has done well throughout

the pandemic in managing to 

stay covid-free,

so it is a safe place to

travel to






This is a retreat for anyone already on the ‘Vegan’ path or for those thinking of exploring more about
Vegan Food & Lifestyle with a gentle introduction into Veganism.

Our retreat will be a chance for you to take time out from your ‘day to day’ to nourish the body,
mind and soul in a whole week that is focused on ‘YOU’.

This is a luxury retreat that will focus on nourishing your body and mind with delicious foods,
snacks & drinks as well as allowing some time for yoga, meditation and guided walks,
should you wish to partake, and offering a schedule which will focus on the mind with an introduction into mindfulness,
reflection and some silent time as well as enjoy talks about health and nutrition, hands on cooking demonstrations and workshops.

You will have lots of time to yourself, if you so wish, enjoying our beautiful villa and it’s many
luxuries (private pool and grounds) and the surrounding land (wonderful for long walks) as well as the local
village of Kefalos in Kos with its beautiful harbour and beach.

We will also plan a day trip to Turkey Bodrum (just 5 miles boat trip from Kos Town) for a days shopping
and eating local vegan foods (additional costs will apply for this excursion).




All accommodation are twin rooms with private en-suite bathroom, balcony, air conditioning and sea-views.

–  Single Occupancy £1295
–  Double Occupancy if sharing with a partner / family member/ friend £795 per person

What is included: airport transfers, brunch, dinner (on 5 nights), bottled water, fresh fruits & snacks, tuition & course materials, yoga & mediation.

What is not included: flights, health and travel insurance, excursions.

To book or for more information please email or call Guilda directly


~  07772 502381

DEPOSIT:  A deposit of just £250 per person will secure your place for our retreat in 2021.  We can arrange for you to pay by 4 monthly instalments, if this is more suitable. Please enquire further when you make contact.



To keep everyone together and for your convenience, we have found the following flight information that is suitable for the dates of our retreat:

Flight goes direct from London Stansted to Kos Airport with Jet2 airlines. 

We will arrange to pick you up from Kos airport to bring you directly to the villa. 

Flights are from London Stansted as detailed below for your information:

Departs London Stansted Sunday 2nd May 0600hrs arriving in Kos 1200hrs

Departs Kos on 9th May Sunday 1245hrs – arriving into Stansted 1455hrs

Ticket prices, at the moment, are £324 per person for a return ticket

“I think it is essential sometimes to go on a retreat,
to stop everything that you have been doing,
to stop your beliefs and experience completely,
and look at them anew,
not keep on repeating like machines
whether you believe or do not believe. 
You would then let in fresh air into your minds” ~ J.K.

“Time out allows us the chance to reset,
re-align and restore! 
It’s the most important gift we can give ourselves”.




Due to going uncertainties surrounding Covid-19, we have put together some answers to your most asked questions regarding booking and indeed going on a retreat:

Q:  Will I get my deposit back if I need to cancel due to Covid-19?
A:  Yes, you will receive 100% of your deposit back if you need to cancel due to any situation out of your control, which includes anything Covid-19 related!

Q:  I have a food allergy.  Will this be catered for on your retreat?
A:  Our retreats caters to being 100% plant-based as well as catering to those who are gluten intolerant.  If you have any other allergies, please get in touch so we can discuss your particular needs.

Q:  What language will the retreat be hosted in?
A:  Although we will be hosting in Greece, all our workshops and materials will be in English.  

Q:  How many spaces are available:
A:  This retreat is designed to be a more intimate experience. Often, the accommodations determines the number of people that we can accommodate during a group retreat. Although the villa can accommodate more, this retreat will limit the size to 7 based on sole occupancy or 14 based on 2 people sharing a twin room as long as they are from the same family/ household ‘bubble’.

Q:  What can I expect from a typic day?
A:  We have a full itinerary you can request however for the all-inclusive retreat, you will be catered for brunch, offering a 100% plant-based buffet experience as well as dinner to tantalise your taste buds on 5 nights out of the 7 (on the other 2 nights you will be left to your own devices as we envisage to be out and about exploring the local village and all the delicacies it has to offer). 
All dining can be experienced in our indoor dining area or outside on the terrace surrounded by beautiful panaramic views! 
Coffee/tea/water/snacks are available during the workshops.
The day then begin with optional meditation and yoga classes as well as a guided walk to explore our beautiful surroundings.  On days that workshops will be held, these will tailored to the subject matter (nutrition, cooking, introduction to veganism and vegan foods etc).  Because my work is bespoke based on the participants,  that means that I will leverage stories, activities, and solo exploration prompts that I think will benefit the individual participants and group-at-large.  I use whatever is needed for the work to reach its full potential. You can share as much, or as little, as you wish with the group during the workshops.
You will have plenty of time to yourself to explore, walk, run, swing, or swim as well as to meander down to the local village to experience their offerings (local shops, cafes & restaurants as well as variety of water sports and excursions will be on offer). Or maybe you want to curl up and relax. It is up to you.
Private one-on-one sessions are available to dive into things further around health and nutrition.
Dinner is enjoyed as a group to round things up for the day.

Q:  Is the retreat for men and/or women?
A:  The retreat is about openness, intelligence, kindness, honesty and fun as well as learning. I find that these qualities are not gender specific. So if you think you have these qualities, I encourage you to book with us.

Q:  What if I get sick or something comes up and I need to cancel?
A:  Depending on your situation and the timescale in relation to when the retreat dates are, we will determine how we can assist you in this area.  These are intimate retreats and include meals and accommodation, therefore we need a confirmed list of attendees. That means that we cannot, in most cases, accommodate refunds.  However, if something comes up and you cannot attend, we will do our best to help find someone to fill your spot and if that works out, then great.  Please request to see our booking form and terms and conditions for more information in this area of ‘cancellations’.

Q:  Can I bring my significant other or child to stay with me if they are not attending the retreat?
A:  A retreat is an opportunity to step outside of your day-to-day life, in order to tap into expanded possibilities. Therefore, it is best for individuals to be able to focus inward even outside of scheduled retreat activities.   For those who would like to invite others to join them pre or post retreat, we are happy to provide accommodation recommendations nearby. Also, we welcome you and your family members or friends to apply/attend a retreat together, but only if you think it will add more positive mojo to your experience.

Q:  What insurance will I need to have in order to come to the retreat?
A:  We strongly recommend that you have travel insurance which includes health insurance which will cover you for any illnesses that could occur during your time with us.  We can not be held liable for any situations that may occur during your stay with us that is not deemed out of our remit or responsibility.  However, as a business, we do hold ‘Public Liability Insurance’ as well as the villa holding their own insurances.

Q:  What should I pack for this retreat?
A:  Upon booking, we will send you a welcome letter that will detail all necessary information, however, during May, the weather in Greece is likely to be pleasanty and typically around 24C during the day although slightly cooler in the evenings, around 18C so you will need a cardi or sweater to keep you warm. 

Q:  Is there free wi-fi access?
A:  Whilst at the retreat we encourage our guests to try a little digital detox, to relax as much as possible by disconnecting themselves from their normal working lives, we do understand that this is not always possible, & so we do offer free WiFi.

Q:  Are airport transfers included?
A:  As part of your retreat package we include complimentary private scheduled group airport transfers for Kos airport however please bear in mind that they operate at *specified times only on our official arrival & departure days only, therefore it is important that guests please confirm the retreats transfer times before booking flights.

Q:  How can I determine if this retreat is right for me and is what I need?
A:  Please feel free to send an email to and we will discuss where things are at for you and what you would like to take away from the retreat.  If I think that our retreats will be a powerful experience for you, I will be honest and tell you. As well, all retreat applicants are invited to have a quick phone conversation with Guilda, who will be the host and resident chef at our retreats. We will have a better idea if there is a chemistry fit– a lot can be understood from the human voice.

Q:  Do you have any other questions about the retreat and what, we, here @virtuosofoods have to offer?
A:  Send Guilda an email  and we can arrange to answer any questions or concerns you have:



~ I have been on a number of Guilda’s cooking workshops and have been truly amazed what you can do with simply ingredients to create truly delicious vegan dishes.  Guilda is confident and patient and a great teacher ensuring we all understood the techniques, ingredients and cooking methods that we were using to create the dishes we were making.  Her baking skills are second to none. 
Angie B…  February 2020.

~ We have had Guilda and her team cater for a few of our family gatherings now and especially during lockdown, where I have been sick of the sight of my own kitchen, it was a welcome and tasty break to enjoy a variety of delicious foods and cakes!  Will highly recommend and re-use always.  Hansa & the fam…. August 2020.

~ I love the flavours used by Virtuoso Foods especially when they are so flexible in creating and meeting our very diverse dietary requirements.  We come back again and again and are amazed at what Guilda comes up with.  We always look forward to ordering from Virtuoso Foods. 
James and Wendy….July 2020.


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