Hello and welcome to the world of food, planning, taking charge of your time & kitchen as well as getting prepared and creative in YOUR kitchen.

Over the years, being involved in all things food and health, I have personally found it extremely useful to use planners to help me in planning and prep all my meals including being able to add recipes as well as identifying the ingredients I need in the allocated shopping list section. 

This is all about planning my way to success without forgetting what needs to happen at which stage.

With this in mind, I came up with the idea to create my very own ‘Virtuoso‘ branded planner called ‘The Foodie’s Planner ~ Your 30 day planner to successfully Plan, Prep, Shop & Cook‘.

With the success of the first planner and through some learnings (hence making some improvements), I have created our next planner, now in the series of the ‘Virtuoso‘ brand with a more detailed and helpful guide that will help you track, not only the recipes you plan on making and the accompanying shopping list but also having the support to track your health, mood and energy levels.

There are now wonderful new sections which will help you focus more on the holistic and emotional sides of food as well as sections to give thanks and gratitude.

This new planner, which is called ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind Journal ~ Your 28 day Personal Food & Mood Planner & Tracker‘, is truly a wonderful tool to guide and support you throughout a month period as well as giving you some useful tips and affirmations to assist you in staying on track.

I am truly proud of this planner and hope that you will fall in love with it as it guides you to better health, better energy, better mood and better food choices.

I truly hope you find these planners useful and please feel free to share with family, friends and colleagues so they too can take benefit from these planners & journals. 

If you are struggling to find the perfect gift for that someone special in your life, one or indeed both of these planners will truly serve as a precious loving gift (Gift Vouchers available)!

Plant-Based Chef

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