The Foodie’s Planner

Hello and welcome to the world of food, planning, taking charge of your time & kitchen as well as getting prepared and creative in YOUR kitchen.

This planner is aimed to guide you through 30 days of planning, preparing, shopping and cooking/baking dishes that you wish to enjoy whilst taking the stress out of those ‘last minute’ panic movements when you simply haven’t got the time or energy to think and know what to cook!

This planner will aid you to plan (on one of your more energetic days) a while months (or even week by week which can be less daunting) full of recipes including instructions, thoughts for planning & preparation including shopping lists which will aid you through the month (or week) to creating and enjoying stress-free, delicious and nutritious foods at your finger tips.

Do some research, find recipes you and your family and friends would enjoy, write them down, listing all the ingredients, and make notes on any additional tools you may need to assist you and off you cook.

The benefit of this planner it to make life that one bit simpler, managing your recipes, time and budget more effectively.

I hope you find this planner useful and please look out for more in our range of planners and recipe books.

Plant-Based Chef

The Foodie's Planner
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