Vegan Pasta Broccoli Salad


Serves 4 as a main meal or 8 as a side dish


1 large head of broccoli, chopped into small pieces and steamed for 5 minutes (al-dente)
4 cups of pasta (I use a gluten free corn, rice & quinoa blend) cooked until tender, rinsed and set aside
1 cup of cherry tomatoes, sliced
1 whole cucumber, skin removed, seeds removed and sliced into quarters (keep seeds and use in salad dressing)
1 yellow pepper sliced into bite size pieces
1 orange pepper sliced into bite size pieces

1 small red pepper sliced thinly
1 can of chickpeas

Combine all the ingredients and enjoy with a zingy lemon dressing.

Zingy Lemon Dressing

1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp of dried Italian herbs
Optional:  1 tsp agave/honey/maple
Salt & pepper to taste

Whisk the dressing and drizzle into the salad.

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