About Virtuoso Foods


Virtuoso Foods has recently evolved and become a more inclusive one stop shop for Healthy Holistic services.

My focus has always been around food and ensuring I offer the best quality in what I make and offer, as well as making sure that the foods are not only tasty, filling & satisfying, that they are nutritionally balanced too.

The services my team and I offer encompass the whole ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ concept, and bringing this into reality.

With this in mind, as we move away from offering simply cakes and foods to order (although these are covered in our services below) and focusing more in the following areas:

  • Private Catering
  • Private Chef Services
  • Virtuoso Cooking School (private and group cooking classes offering informative workshops on numerous topics) Days, weekend and week long Mindful & Relaxation retreats (UK & Europe locations)
  • RECIPES page for tasty and healthy dishes, snacks and drinks
  • BLOG sharing informative and insightful information hosted by our founder, Guilda
  • Macrobiotic Nutritional Health, Food & Lifestyle Coaching

For any of these services, please contact me for more information or email your enquiry.
Telephone: 07772 502381

Email: sayhello@virtuosofoods.com
If you are not sure what you want, contact me and we can discuss your requirements further.
You won’t be disappointed!

There is so much choice out there and I’m here to guide you in the right direction to an overall better and healthier body and mind, holistically. I look into and address the overall ‘you’ for maximum results.

I’ve been there, I’ve been through it, my journey has been full of twists and turns, a lot of learnings, self-development, further education, however I have not regretted the journey thus far hence becoming the person I am today hence I want to share this journey and knowledge with you.

With love and light Guilda x

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