With the continuation of lockdown and not really knowing what the future holds and indeed when this lockdown will end, we have all had to take a good look at our life and re-assess what it means to us, what we want to get from it and how to positively move forward without really knowing in which direction we are heading.

However what we can control is our day to day activities, setting a routine that will keep us on track of our own personal goals and those of our family, keep motivated in our business/working life, keeping active in whatever ways suits us (walking, working out at home, running etc.) keeping our vision of what we want from out future and simply staying hopeful for what will be!

Sometimes, when we face challenges out of our control. it can seem ‘hopeless’ however we MUST keep the hope alive by inspiring and motivating ourselves each and every day.


Here are some Self-care tips for you to ‘take time out’ and focus on the self:

  • Set some time aside to pamper your body (mani & pedi, a good soak in the bath with a good book, write a book, take up photography & get out in nature, find some recipes you would love to recreate and have a go at cooking/baking etc.).
  • Set some time aside to pamper your mind (meditation/prayer, quiet reflection time, journalling).
  • Find a project to get involved in.  Whatever your passion is, we are fortunate that there is so much available to us online to learn from, connect to and simply become involved in and with.  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.
  • Connect with friends and loved one.  Having a chat with someone close, truly helps our ‘happy hormones’ and sets the day up on a positive note.  Reach out and never feel that you are alone.
  • Put some music on and dance.  This is great for both mood and body.

We have learned from this change in our world, that time is truly of an essence and we should really use our time wisely to practice Self-Care to the best of our ability, making sure to balance between work and pleasure, body and mind!

and breathe


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