November 19th is dedicated to ‘International Men’s Day‘.

We don’t normally dedicate much to men these days however this day is truly special and raises awareness to men all across the world, giving them a day focused on issues that they may face. Of course, like any day, awareness of such issues should not just be focused on for one day, however this day highlights the fact that men too go through many stress related issues that women do however don’t get much focus given to them (financial pressure, parental responsibilities, spouse issues, marriage breakdowns, relationship struggles, work problems, ill-health, mental health challenges plus much more).

One of the main reasons for International Men’s Day is to raise awareness for male suicide.

The event has been running for a number of years and many charities run awareness campaigns around it.

What issues does International Men’s Day seek to address?

International Men’s Day seeks to address many different issues surrounding mens mental health. This is supported by men, women and organisations in over 60 countries across the globe. In the UK, the focus of the International Men’s Day supports raising the awareness of the following:

– The high male suicide rate across the world
– The educational challenges that face both men and boys at all stages of life
– Men’s health, their shorter life expectancy and the fact that they suffer from workplace deaths at a much higher rate than women
– Male violence, and the fact that males are also victims to things such as rape, sexual exploitation and domestic violence
– The challenges faced by men as parents, especially as single parents or parents that do not have a good relationship with the Mother of their children. There is also focus on Fathers rights
– Male survivors of violence or abuse, including domestic abuse
– The negative portrayal of men in the media and beyond. This includes male stereotypes that are used by well-known brands in advertising campaigns

It is a great day to highlight the above as well as giving credit to men in general, those who are loving, giving and supportive in many ways that they no longer get credit for. Let us spread the love and show our support.

Remember that regardless of gender, race, religion or age, we are always #strongertogether!

For support and someone to talk to reaching out to the Samaritans!

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