Vegan retreats have become very popular these days as many people see them as a much healthier alternative to other forms of holidays. When you go on a vegan retreat, the first thing that comes to mind is that it provides you with a wealth of healthy plant-based foods. While that is true, there’s more to it. You will be doing a lot of activities that help you understand just how important your health is.

What you will be doing at these retreats will depend on what kind of trip you signed up for. If it’s a wilderness vegan retreat, for example, then you can expect treks through the wilderness and even yoga amidst nature. Some are educational and will give you insights on veganism. These retreats are a great choice if you are interested in going vegan, but are not sure what it involves. 

Some retreats teach you about meditation, yoga, cooking and mindfullness which is what we, here at Virtuoso Foods, will hope to bring to you in May 2021!


What are the best vegan activities to do on a retreat?


When it comes to vegan retreats, what you do is dependent on the trip you choose. There are wellness retreats in England, Romania, Greece, Portugal, Thailand, and India, just to name a few. Not all of these offer the same thing, though, apart from a vegan diet. Here are some of the activities that you can enjoy with the package you choose:

  • Detoxifying – When you detoxify, you remove harmful substances from your body. This helps promote better health and weight loss. Detox programs usually run between three to seven days, with other activities interspersed with your detox regimen.
  • Cooking – One enjoyable way to get into veganism is learning to prepare your vegan food. Some people end up reverting to their old ways because they rely too much on others to prepare their food for them. With vegan cooking lessons, you can create healthy meals.
  • Nature trekking – Another activity that is popular in vegan retreats is trekking. It doesn’t matter if your retreat location is in the mountains, near the ocean, or in the middle of a forest. You can go out and enjoy the beauty of nature. While you’re at it, you might also want to grub on some vegan snacks to keep your energy high.
  • Getting a massage – Most vegan retreats also include full-body massages. Wellness and total relaxation is the goal of these retreats, and this treatment is one of the best ways to achieve it.
  • Doing pool yoga – There are two types of pool yoga that you can try: in the water or on the water. The more challenging of the two is the one that uses a flotation device for you to stand on and do yoga poses on. The in-water variant lets you enjoy low-impact yoga.


How can you support the local community?


Going vegan means more than just switching to a plant-based diet or going on a vegan retreat. It also means supporting the many causes that vegans around the world believe in. You can support your local vegan community by:

  • Starting a vegan business – What better way to promote veganism than to put up a business that centers on what you believe in? There are many types of business that you can try, including a vegan clothing manufacturer, a vegan bakeshop, a vegan consulting firm, and a vegan beauty products store.
  • Giving vegan cooking lessons – Another way you can raise awareness and show people how to live a healthy vegan lifestyle is to teach them how to cook plant-based meals. You can create a YouTube channel where you can demonstrate how to prepare your recipes. This way, you get to reach out to more people.
  •  Supporting an animal sanctuary – There are many animal shelters you can support in your local area and elsewhere within the UK.   Some local ones to us in Bedfordshire are: Animals in Need based in Wellingborough, MK Cat Rescue in Milton Keynes plus so many others.  Look for ways to get involved in your own communities.


What are the popular vegan dishes in Greece?


As mentioned earlier, Greece is one of the many countries that have retreats for you to attend and more and more of these cater for vegetarians and vegans. Aside from the majestic sights that you will see, you will also find delicious and healthy cuisine being offered at these retreats. Here are some Greek dishes that you are sure to enjoy when on a vegan retreat:

  • Tomato fritters – These are one of the most famous vegetable fritters all over the Aegean region. Originating from the Cyclades, these fritters are a traditional meze and main course vegetarian dish in Tinos, Syros, and Santorini. They go great  tzatziki, a type of sauce that can also be prepared using vegan ingredients.
  • Gemista – If you love burritos, you will love gemista. This is made of bell peppers stuffed with herbed rice and served with local French fries. There is another version of gemista that you can also try, which uses roasted tomatoes instead of bell peppers. Just make sure to ask if what you are getting is totally vegan if you are eating this food away from your retreat. There are some versions that have meat in them.
  • Vegan baklava – They say, “there is always room for dessert and in Greece,” and no trip is complete without having to try the traditional pistachio-filled phyllo dessert called baklava. The vegan version uses vegan phyllo dough and agave nectar, instead of honey as the sweetener.

Vegan retreats can be enjoyed alone, with your family, or with a group of friends who also live the same lifestyle as you. They’re a great alternative to any standard vacation. If you want to see what these retreats are all about, you should try one out for your next holiday.

On that note, why not consider our 7 night inclusive vegan life retreat in the beautiful Kefalos Village in Kos, Greece. This will be a great enlightening experience for you if want to explore more about the vegan way of life. 

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We have included all the information on what is included, what our retreat will entail and especially during these uncertain times, not knowing what the future will bring, some FAQs of the most asked questions about cancellations, bookings, the retreat, the villa plus much more.

However, if you would like to talk to us or simply find out more, please call Guilda on 07772 502381 or send an EMAIL to enquire further.


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