A simply healthy and nutritious treat to start any day the right way, filled with protein, vitamins, minerals and healthy nutrients & fats to keep you going for the rest of the morning.

Serves 1


1/2 large avocado
1 banana
8 walnuts
1 cup fresh spinach leaves
1/4 cup plant-based milk (I alternate between almond and soya milk)
1 tbsp toasted gluten free oats or home-made granola mix
Handful of fresh berries


  1. In a blender mix the avocado flesh, spinach, banana, milk and walnuts until smooth texture
  2. Empty into your serving bowl
  3. Top with the toasted gluten free oats and berries
  4. Enjoy

Optional extras:

  • Toasted coconut flakes
  • A sprinkling of wheatgrass or spirulina on top of your bowl for that added nutritional kick
  • Instead of adding walnuts into the blender, keep aside and flake over your smoothie bowl so that you have added crunch.  Chewing is great for your stomach and for creating natural digestive enzymes.

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