This is a delicious and nutritious snack when you want something light yet filling. I love this dish as it is so versatile and you can use your favourite ingredients to maximise the flavour of these delicious rolls.

Serves 4


8 nori sheets
2 cups cooked sushi or Jasmin rice (I cup rice cooked with 2 cups cold water, 1 tbsp mirin and a pinch of sea salt. Bring to boil, turn heat down and simmer on low heat for 20 minutes until tender. Leave to one side to fully cool down).
1 large avocado, skin and stone removed, sliced thinly
1/4 of a whole cucumber, seeds removed and cut into thin strips
1 medium carrot washed and cut into thin strips
Sesame seed for sprinkling
2 tbsp vegan mayonnaise
2 tbsp wasabi paste

Utensils needed

  • Large chopping board
  • Bowl of cold water
  • Sharp slicing knife
  • Sushi matt
  • Large serving plate
  • Condiments: soya sauce, wasabi, pickled ginger
  • Chop sticks


  1. Using a large chopping board and a sushi matt, lay down your first sheet of nori and on 1/3 of the nori sheet add about 1 tbsp of the cooked rice, spreading it out evenly to the edges to create a rectangle flat layer
  2. In the middle of your rice rectangle, with the back of a teaspoon, thinly spread some mayonnaise in a thin strip, as thick as a pencil/pen
  3. Sprinkle some sesame seeds along the thin ‘pencil’ strip of your mayonnaise
  4. In the middle of your rice rectangle, lay out your filling thinly (you can choose what filling you would like or add a combination of fillings)
  5. Now you are ready to gently roll, using the sushi matt to help you roll and squeeze tightly to keep all the filling in place
  6. Once you have the sushi roll, remove from sushi matt and leave sushi roll to one side to take shape
  7. Remake the remaining sushi rolls with the desired fillings using the process above
  8. Once you have finished making all your sushi rolls, place them one by one onto your chopping board and using your sharp knife, slice them to the desired thickness. The rice can be sticky therefore dip your knife into the cold water bowl so you will get a clean slice when cutting your sushi roll

The great thing about making your own sushi is that you can choose whatever ingredients you like as your filling, from cooked/baked sweet potatoes, sautéed tofu, avocado, cooked veggies (asparagus, broccoli, carrots, green beans) to raw veggies (cucumber, carrots, avocado, lettuce, cabbage, coloured peppers etc.).

It really is an easy dish to recreate in the comfort of your own home and so tasty and nutritious. Have a go and let us know how you get on!

Sushi Matt

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