44% of people working people didn’t use all of their holiday allowance last year, with 37% saying they were just too busy.

With the recent pandemic and a change in the way we have had to manage our time during a 3 month lockdown period, having more time to ourselves (whether we wanted to or not), it is now a great time to dig deep, see what we would love to do, what we have felt we didn’t have the chance to do before, whilst in paid active employment or self-employment and make time to do it NOW!

Here are some Self-care tips for you to ‘take time out’ and focus on the self:

  • Set some time aside to pamper your body (mani & pedi, a good soak in the bath with a good book, write a book, take up photography & get out in nature, find some recipes you would love to recreate and have a go at cooking/baking etc.)
  • Find a local outdoor trail and set aside a day to get out and walk/run it!  Buddy up (if social distancing socialising is permitted in your area) with a friend, family member or a work colleague whom you haven’t seen in a while and get outdoors and walk/run this new trail together.  A great time to catch up!
  • Pack a picnic with foods you have lovingly created yourself and get outdoors into nature, taking in the sun, the fresh air, the local scenes, write some notes, thoughts and reflections, take some pictures, meditate, give thanks and gratitude and truly enjoy every moment by being in the moment – let go of everything else!

We have learned from this change in our world, that time is truly of an essence and that after a few months of lockdown, we should really use our time wisely to practice Self-Care to the best of our ability, making sure to balance between work and pleasure, body and mind!

and breathe


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