As a human beings, we love to eat!

Some of us eat a lot more than we should, some less, some just right, some more healthily than others and some, well not quite that healthy.

Everyone one of us is built differently, have different body compositions, have different goals, have different vocations which can dictate how we must eat, have different health issues we need to address and food can play a part in our healing process.  The list of reasons of what we eat and how we eat is endless and is a very private journey.

However ‘food’, is the biggest topic and ingredient that truly brings the world together, whether we cook for ourselves, cook for each other – our loved one, cook for our business, eat out at our favourite restaurants, copy our favourite chefs, sign up to learn more on a cooking course, pick up a ‘foodie’ magazine, buy our favourite recipes book, the list is endless.  Food plays a major part of our lives and in society.  It is a time where we come together to enjoy ultimately, and is the perfect opportunity to practice Mindful Eating.

Have you ever thought of what Mindful Eating actually means?

Eating mindfully means being aware of the food you are about to enjoy.  It is a combination of the following:

  • It is about the way the food on the plate looks
  • The different colours
  • The smells
  • The taste
  • The flavour
  • The texture
  • How it feels on your tongue
  • How it feels when you swallow
  • How it moves through your body
  • The temperature of the food
  • The sensations it gives your body as well as your mind

Eating is NOT just eating.  It is a playful game on your senses both mentally as well as physically.  It can feed your mind and body positively or negatively, depending on what you choose to eat and drink.

Whatever you choose, take a moment to listen to your body, tune in and then turn to your food to enjoy every mouthful….. mindfully!  This is a very powerful way to get the best from your food and be able to digest your food well as well as feed your body the right nutrients your body craves and needs.  By tuning in, you will start to listen to the body and what it is asking for, what it needs not what it wants and craves!

What is your body calling for?

Vegan nutrition workshop

Vegan lunches

toast with fresh herbs and vegan feta cheese

vegan green smoothie

Beet Smoothie

Assorted fresh fruits and vegetables

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