Now is the perfect time to speak to your inner self and see what it is you truly love doing and find ways to do it. Even in the midst of uncertainty, now is the time to find work that you love!

Many have found themselves unemployed during the recent months of uncertainty during the ‘pandemic’ and having to endure months of lockdown.  Businesses, both independent and big organisations have had to close down or considerably reduce their manpower hence affecting their task force.  Unemployment has significantly increased during this time.  However, we can either feed into becoming an unemployment statistic or we can rise and take control of our own future and destiny.

If you choose the latter, do some soul searching.  Find what it is you would love to do.  Know what you are good at.  For areas that you feel you need more experience or a better understanding, go online and find what courses and resources are available to you so you can add to your skill set.

There are many free resources out there.  There are many free business advisers out there too.  The government also offer a lot of free advice and resources that you can tap into as well as free training across all industries so check out your local authority website.

If you are in employment and want to make a change, ask yourself what it is that you don’t like about your job?  Is the job itself or is the people? Is it the office or the location?  Is it your role – are you bored? Do you need a change in scenery or vocation?

Whatever the answer is, make sure that you write it down so you can plan your future job, position, company, colleagues, location etc. around how you want it to be.  This is a great way to visualise exactly what you want your future to look like as well as taking time to make sure that you tune in with yourself and your own personality, behaviour, skills, relationships etc. To ensure that you are performing at your peak, in the best way possible so that you do not recreate bad/negative traits and behaviours moving forward into your new chosen vocation, whether employed or self-employed.

If you are choosing to become self-employed, make sure that you ask yourself the following questions: Can I work from home (logistics as well as discipline)? If you didn’t have a job, how would you finance yourself until you have money coming in? Can you work alone and not feel too lonely? Do you have the right tools and resources? Do you have support available to you?

Whatever you choose to do to create the work you love, you are not alone.

Many of us make changes throughout our lifetime, whether through choice or whether it is forced upon us and we have to come to terms with the decisions we make so that our future represents the life we would love to lead.

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