During these difficult times where we are struggling to find different products, it is a great time to search through our store cupboards and freezers to start preparing healthy and nutritious food from scratch – and what better time as we now seem to have more time on our hands right?


Starting simply is great first thing in the morning as we may be rushing off to work, or dropping the kids off or have a busy day ahead, however eating something healthy and nutritious is important.  If time is of an essence than a great way to enjoy a healthy breakfast is by soaking oats overnight.  This can be really tasty as you add your favourite milk and/or fresh juice, mixed in with some nuts and seeds and dried fruits (raisins, sultanas, cranberries, strawberries etc.).  Here is our recipe for this:  https://virtuosofoods.com/2020/03/over-night-soaked-oats/

If you are a fan of breakfast cereal, always go for a ‘whole-grain’ variety and enjoy with some fresh or frozen berries and your choice of nuts (toasted nuts and seeds are always delicious and gives it that extra nutty flavour).  Fresh berries are naturally high in Vitamin C and will boost iron absorption.

Other breakfast options:
–  Nut butter of your choices on sourdough toast or gluten free crackers
–  Tofu scramble on toast
–  English breakfast:  a variety of tofu scramble, wilted spinach, sautéed tomatoes and mushrooms & baked beans
–  Fresh juice or smoothie mixed with plant based protein powder


Batch cooking is a great way to plan and prepare meals in advance, saving you time during the week.  Preparing curries, stews, pies, bolognese sauces etc. in advance is a great way to batch cook to save time and these dishes all freeze well.  Make sure that you defrost all food well, overnight, and heat well before consuming.  All these dishes can be accompanied with freshly made rice, pasta or potatoes, which takes only minutes to cook.

Batch cooking is a great way to plan, prepare and cook with the whole family.  Get everyone involved, including your children as well as grand-parents, making each responsible for a certain dish (with guidance where needed) whilst you all enjoy each others company and when you do get together to eat, you will be proud of what each of you have created and come up with.  This is so good for general well-being as it gets everyone involved as well as proud of their offerings.

We have a variety of dishes you can create by clicking here:  https://virtuosofoods.com/vegan_recipes/

Online Shopping

Removing a trip to the shops from your schedule can free up both time and energy for food planning and preparation (of course that is if you can get a slot for home shopping at the moment)!

When you are planning your meals in advance, this helps you see exactly what you need and order those exact items without going to the shops and being tempted by other items you don’t ‘really’ need.

Frozen and Tinned Fruit & Veg

During these difficult times, although there may not be a lot of tins left on our shelves or frozen foods in the freezer, buying frozen or tinned foods are both nutritious as well as convenient.  Don’t be put off by purchasing these items as they can truly save you time in your kitchen!


Planning is key to success

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