Guilda is a private chef based in Bedford.

Ever since she was a child she knew she wanted to work with food, starting early to get creative in the kitchen.  Guilda specialises in Vegan foods however is confidently able to accommodate those who are gluten intolerant as well as those who follow these ‘diets’:  Macrobiotics, Raw Food, Jayne, No onion/no garlic.  Guilda is also a vegan nutritionist so you will feel safe in the knowledge that you will be getting the right information on balance and nutrition.

Guilda used to be the owner of Cafe Virtuoso in Bedford which specialised in Vegetarian and Vegan foods however after 4 years, decided to take a step in a different direction of offering Private Catering as well as Cooking Workshops, which she has been doing for the past 3 years and which has taken her all over the world, from the UK (Nationally) to Europe (where she caters for Yoga and Business retreats) to LA (in the US) where she has catered for both intimate and more affluent gatherings.

Guilda is originally from Tehran, Iran and came to the UK when she was just 4 years old.  However, being brought up in a primarily dominant Persian family environment in the UK, she has acquired a wide variety of experience in cooking traditional Persian dishes (and ‘veganising’ them) as well as foods from around the world and this shows in her passion for creating vibrant flavours in her dishes.

She is focused on working with all things ‘Plant-based’ and is creative in bringing some truly delicious flavours and textures out in her dishes by using a variety of the worlds herbs and spices to not only bring out wonderful flavours, also to bring out the colours of these tasty dishes.

Meat eaters who have tried Guilda’s cooking truly compliment the flavours and textures she creates and can honestly say that they haven’t missed out not having meat served!

Moving forward, Guilda is offering a truly exclusive service to compliment what she already offers as a Personal Chef.



  • Masterclass cooking workshops can be held in the comfort of your home or at a location agreed mutually
  • Usually these workshops work well for a group of no more than 6 people however if you would like us to consider larger numbers, this can be discussed and arranged
  • All foods and condiments will be provided by us
  • Lunch or dinner is included as part of this experience as well as ‘service’ of this meal which will be taken care of us (including washing up you will be pleased to know!)
  • Workshops last around 2-3 hours with a meal lasting 90 minutes (our cost will include our service for a total of 5 hours – additional time will incur additional costs which will be discussed with you at time of booking)
  • Depending on location of event, travel costs will be added on to the total of our costs

The Masterclasses & Meals are a great idea to get together with your family and friends as well as treating business colleagues and clients to something wonderfully different.  * Gift vouchers are available*.

The workshops are fun yet informative and educational.  You will be given recipe cards to keep so that you can re-create dishes cooked later in your own time.  You will also be given useful information on nutrition as well as the best plant based alternatives to use when cooking and baking for your ease of reference.

You will walk away from our sessions feeling happy, inspired and more confident to cook in the kitchen.


These sessions are great for:

–  Those newly starting out on their Vegan journey or for those who are Vegan but looking for ideas and inspiration and truly useful tips to get going in the kitchen.

Parents who are looking for healthy ideas that their family will love and actually eat.  These classes can be tailored to cooking for your young ones as well as fussy teenagers.  We will also give you suggestions on how to batch cook to save valuable time in the kitchen.  Perhaps consider enjoying our masterclass with your whole family including your young ones/teens so they too learn the basics!

Professionals looking for easy meals to cook up when they get home from work or ways to batch cook at the weekend to have food ready to heat up in the evenings.

–  Health conscious individuals and families who are looking to totally change their way of eating to benefit their minds and bodies.

–  Gym-goers who want ideas on what to cook to increase stamina and energy with plant based nutrition.

So if you are looking for that healthy WOW factor for your home or event please get in touch with Guilda.

PS. We will work with the organiser to agree a menu they would like to cook during the Masterclass.  Primarily this will include:
–  A starter
–  A main dish
–  A dessert/cake
–  A side-dish
–  Salad & dressing

Our Masterclasses take place:
*  In the morning, ready to enjoy for lunch (9am – 2pm)
*  In the afternoon ready to enjoy dinner (4pm-9pm). 
These times are flexible and will be agreed with the organiser.
A variety of breakfast and afternoon tea dishes can also be added on if desired, to widen the scope of your plant-based cooking experience.

To enquire further please call or message us on: 07772 502381
Or via completing the contact form below:


Healthy food catering



Guilda – Your Executive Chef

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