It’s hard thinking about Christmas so soon in mid-November however there is so much pressure to start planning and shopping and preparing sooner and sooner. The pressure can certainly be put upon us.

However the important thing is to look after yourself, body and mind.


Firstly don’t feel you need to follow the crowd. Do what suits you, when it suits you.

Only buy things you really need.

To save money, think now about doing something you love, something arty and creative and making those special gifts for loved ones. This will be appreciated more than something that is bought off the shelf at a cost perhaps above your budget and not as personal.

Making gifts you love, because it’s your hobby, also gives you some time out of your busy schedule doing what you love where you are valuing your own time (instead of running around with the crowds in the busy streets and malls) as well as investing time, energy and love on the person for whom you are making the gift for.  This in itself, is really powerful.

Do you have a hobby?  Do you love making things?

Share what you do with us so we too can get some ideas and inspirations.

For me, those who know me, know that I love to cook and bake.  As gifts, I love to gift cakes, healthy sweet treats (mostly raw bliss balls and raw brownies) all wrapped up beautifully and on occasion, making time to host beautiful and delicious dinner parties/gatherings.  During these gatherings, I love to spend some time playing ‘mindfulness’ games as well as setting positive intentions for the coming year.  I love to watch funny and happy films.  Time and budget permitting, I love to also explore, perhaps a trip to another town, watch a movie, go to the theatre, visit beautiful parks (weather permitting) etc.

If I know there are necessities that families and friends need, I may purchase these however I don’t waste time nor money on extravagant and useless objects.  That’s just me (hasn’t always been that way though)!

Start planning your festive menu.  Will you be cooking?

If so, what will you cook?  Will you be offering a variety of different dishes or simply a big main meal with all the trimmings?  What will you make for pudding?  Will you prepare snacks?  Will you be catering to everyone’s needs and dietary requirements?  Will you be serving drinks?  Can you make delicious fresh and healthy waters & juices?

If you won’t be cooking this year and will be visiting family and/or friends, can you take something delicious along with you as your offering for the Christmas table?

These are all ways that you can start planning productively for this festive period.

If money is tight, start putting a few pounds away a week – there is still 5 weeks to go until the big day, the money will soon add up and if you are cooking yourself and making gifts yourself, your won’t need much money anyway so that’s already saved you quite a bit in itself.

In addition it is nice simply spending time with family and friends.  Time is a gift in itself.  In a world where we are all rushing around, it is wonderful to be able to slow down and spend quality time with our loved ones.

Play music, play games, go for walks together, get chatting, share ideas, ask questions, listen (without looking at your phone or being distracted), be loving and non-judgemental. Simply Be!  This is the most valuable gift you can give anyone.  Certainly this would be the perfect gift I’d love to receive!

With all this in mind, what will you be doing this Christmas time and in the lead up?

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