There are now so many ready made sauces out there on the market that are vegan.

This is great news knowing that people are taking veganism seriously and of course there is so much more choice available to us than there was, say 5/10 years ago and although this is good for people on the go and for convenience, I, for one, love making my own foods and sauces because I can control exactly what goes into the foods I enjoy.

So here is my recipe for you to try at home and see how it compares to supermarket options.

**  Here is our recipe to make your own home-made vegan mayonnaise

** . Here is our recipe to make your own home-made ketchup


Ingredients to make Marie Rose

2 tbsp of tomato ketchup
8 tbsp of vegan mayo
Pinch of freshly ground black pepper


1.  Mix the ketchup, mayo and black pepper together in a bowl.

2.  Double up this recipe if you need more sauce.

~ Best enjoyed with our delicious ‘Tofu’ Cocktail recipe

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