Vegan Vacations: Why everyone on this planet should try them

Travelling the world is better when it is experienced through wonderful cuisines and flavours. For vegans, vegetarians, and the vegan-curious, going on a vegan vacation should definitely be on your bucket list. Aside from tasting healthy and unique plant-based dishes, it’s an excursion that will nourish your mind, body, and soul.

Why you should try Vegan vacations and trips

Veganism is more than just consuming plant-based food and abstaining from animal-derived products. It is also a way of life that seeks to exclude cruelty and bring in positivity. And why should your vacations be any less different?

Here are the top reasons why you should try going on vegan holidays:

Eat like a (vegan) local.

One of the best ways to immerse in a country’s culture is to try their local cuisines. Whether it’s eating street food at night markets or dining at restaurants, travelling will open up your palate to newer, bolder flavours. Fortunately, a lot of countries have vegan restaurants and even vegetarian national dishes for you to try. You might even learn a recipe or two that you can cook when you get home.

Keep your mind and body fit.

Vegan retreats usually include yoga and meditation sessions in the itinerary. If you want to take a break from your busy schedule and focus on yourself, even just for a few days, a vegan retreat is perfect for you. There are vegan hotels that offer yoga classes as part of their services.

Reconnect with nature.

Living in the city can truly drain your energy. An effective way of recharging yourself is through vegan holidays among nature. You can either book a trip to a beach village, a cabin in the mountains, or a bed and breakfast in a vineyard. The tranquillity of nature will surely give you plenty of time to reflect and meditate.

Shop for vegan goods.

No trip is complete without a little store-hopping and window shopping. Going on a vegan trip will give you an excuse to shop for local vegan products. Not only will you get to buy unique and cruelty-free items, but also get to support small businesses and artisans that support sustainability and veganism.

Learn more about veganism.

Vegan holidays aren’t exclusively for full-fledged vegans and vegetarians—people who are curious about veganism can join too! It is a great starting point to learn more about adopting a vegan lifestyle. Vegan retreats offer educational talks, cooking demonstrations, and workshops. It is also the best place to meet like-minded people whose stories will inspire you.

The beauty of traveling with like-minded individuals

Travelling alone is good for the soul, but meeting new people can be a little more fun. And it’s infinitely better if you go on a vegan trip with like-minded individuals who share the same philosophy as you.

Vegan vacations allow you to interact with other travellers who are also looking for a compassionate vacation. There’s a different kind of enjoyment whenever you have a companion when doing relaxing activities such as yoga and meditation. Plus, you get to exchange stories, ideas, and tips on living a vegan lifestyle.

The best part of booking a vegan retreat is the relaxation it offers. Everything is planned out so you won’t have to worry about anything. The accommodation, meals, and activities are all taken care of, allowing you to enjoy and de-stress throughout the entire trip.

And since vegan retreats are inclusive, you don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to book a trip. Even non-vegans can have some much-needed R&R as well.


Greece: The hottest Vegan destination this year

Vegan travellers are flocking to Greece for their vacations, and it’s not surprising at all. This exquisite country along the Mediterranean is known for its breathtaking landscapes and rich culture. Moreover, the vegan dining scene is gradually flourishing, making it a perfect haven for vegan travellers.

If you want a vegan life retreat in Greece in May of 2020, you can book one with Virtuoso Foods! With the crystalline ocean and picturesque beach villas as your backdrop, your vegan vacation in Greece will surely be memorable.

Now, if you’re going to Greek’s small beach towns, finding a vegan restaurant might be challenging. But the good news is you won’t need to dine in one, because plenty of their local dishes are plant-based. Some of the Greek vegan dishes you must try are dolmadakia, briam, horiatiki, and spanakopita.


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