Recently, in the last week, I carried out a survey, reaching out to family, friends, customers, colleagues and those whom I have rubbed shoulders with along my foodie business journey, asking them for their honest input around what they thought of what we currently offered, how they valued us in terms of cost/price benchmarking as well as what they would like to see us offering moving forward.

Before we get to the results, I wanted to share with you an insight into my background and what has driven me thus far and continues to drive me in my chosen career.

Having worked with food professionally for 8 years now and developing my skills and knowledge both technically and educationally, a natural progression in this field I love is to offer coaching around vegan foods that I cook and work with as well as teaching the benefits and information around the nutritionally values of the foods we choose to enjoy.

I have professionally cooked for people in a café environment, which I owned, managed and ran singlehandedly for nearly 4 years (not forgetting the financial support and investment I received as well as the handful of reliable staff I employed that proved invaluable – THANK YOU) and then moving to an online business, offering a variety of services from private catering to cooking workshops.

Through doing this came the need and desire to want to learn more….more about wholefoods, more about fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices, more about their nutritional values and benefits, and how these can all be used to create some truly delicious and nutritious dishes.

With all this in mind, I decided to further educate myself by taking on some additional courses that will expand my existing food knowledge.  The last 18 months has been spent taking on numerous courses focusing on Raw Foods, Macrobiotics as well as taking on a Vegetarian and Vegan Nutritionist Diploma course.

Previous to this, within my former vocation of working in a IT technical industry for 20 years, towards my latter years within this environment, I started to become interested more in people skills, in what made people tick, what made people do what they did, hence I took on some life coaching courses which led me to studying and learning more about NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming which is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy, resulting in becoming an NLP Practitioner.

With all my pre-existing and newly acquired skills and knowledge, I wanted to be able to offer more to my customers.  I wanted to be able to offer a variety of services under the ‘holistic’ umbrella around all thing’s food related, around all thing’s vegan and around all things nutritious.

Hence the idea to grow the business to offer more in the areas I love to work in as well as in the areas you are truly interesting in learning more about and being a part of therefore I have created more informative & hands on cooking workshops working with delicious fresh ingredients as well as sharing with you the nutritional benefits behind the dishes created, hosting my first vegan retreat in Greece in October 2019, introducing private food and nutritional coaching as well as continuing to offer our existing services of private catering.

I have grown so much over the years, learnt a lot, dipped in and out of my comfort zone, sometimes getting too comfy, sometimes feeling the chill, met lots of people from all walks of life, some who truly wished me well and supported me and my dreams becoming a reality and some not so supportive, getting in the way of my progress even to the point of becoming competitive and stealing plans, ideas and dreams wholeheartedly confided in them and realising that this is all part of this journey, part of our learnings, part of our lessons learnt and all part of this ‘game called life’!

Therefore, to summarise, I wanted to say a big thank you to you all, no matter what part you have played along my journey and no matter what part you will play in the future of this ongoing journey and realising that I will continue to grow and go from strength to strength and do what I truly love.

We are all teachers and students in life and must continue to play our part.

THANK YOU and I hope I serve you well moving forward!

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