I am often asked or comments are made as to how come my business/vegan businesses promote their businesses at perhaps locations, venues and places that don’t wholeheartedly support the vegan movement. What I mean by ‘vegan movement’ is perhaps certain events we get involved with offer meat products, perhaps the venue or location of an event supports unethical animal practices, perhaps the shop we host from make and create meat and dairy foods & products, and even perhaps the restaurants that I/we visit aren’t 100% pure vegan.

Does that mean we should boycott these venues?

Does that mean we shouldn’t shop at these shops and supermarkets if they aren’t 100% vegan?

Does that mean we shouldn’t eat at cafes and restaurants that sell meat, fish and dairy products?

Or does it mean that during our vegan journey we should teach and educate our visitors as well as our hosts and organisers, tantalise them with our truly tasty vegan foods and cakes, show them variety in a truly healthy vegan diet as well as offering ideas on quick snacks, naughty snacks and ‘go to’ fast foods when we are pressed for time or travelling?

Shouldn’t we be offering information and choice, education, resources and not simply standing back because the world is not how we would like it to be?

Shouldn’t we judge less and support each other in our ventures and activities especially as small businesses in this over populated, already over complicated and confusing world of ours?

We all need to come together, support one another and judge less. Business is not only about making money to survive, it is about educating and offering choice, options and knowledge.

If we don’t spread the vegan word, offer vegan choices (no matter the location and background) then we will not have vegan options widely available to us.

As vegans we have come along way.

We are now living in a world and society where, wherever we go, we have choices and options, both in what we eat and products we choose to use. Surely that’s a wonderful place to be!

The worlds awareness and consciousness has increased significantly in the past 5 years and this can only be a positive move in terms of contributing to a much greener planet, more ethical climate, awareness of animal welfare and care, personal health benefits and self care plus so many more pros!

This is a huge topic of which I can only touch a small % however I wanted to share my thoughts and simply say….. let us come together and support rather than continuously judging and finding fault!

As always, I welcome your thoughts, sharings and views.

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