Life can be overwhelming at times where some days the simplest of tasks can seem daunting and on other days, you look back and think ‘what was all the fuss about’ as you breeze through your ‘to do’ list, accomplish many of your tasks effortlessly and simply enjoy all the challenges life has to throw at you, the more the merrier!

Does this happen to you?  How do you deal with these different situations?

Running your own business can sometimes be exciting and quite glamorous, when you are proud of the decisions you have made, the achievements you have accomplished as well as the fantastic journey you have travelled down, but at other times, that overwhelming feeling where everything lies firmly on your shoulders, all the responsibilities, all the decision making, all the ‘doing’ and unless you are fortunate enough to offload some of these tasks to others, you really have to manage the best you can.

However, don’t get me wrong!  Having your own business doesn’t mean that you are ‘at it’ 24/7 with no time for yourself.  For me that is not true and I am very fortunate to be in the position where I can choose the work I take on and have time for caring for my elder mother as well as enjoying some of the activities and hobbies I enjoy (walking, theatre, learning and advancing my own skills through further training as well as reading).

I love to read, whether it is a good crime thriller that takes me away from it all or reading cookery books where I can learn some fabulous new recipes and get more creative in what I offer my clients to more mindful and holistic books and magazines that empower my own mind, body and soul.  Finding the right balance between all of this is very important to me, for my own wellbeing and sanity.

So with all this in mind, I have come to some conclusions and this is what I really wanted to share with you.

My aha moment…….my realisation is that I need to ditch some of my own bad habits and these are:

  • Having it all:  In the ideal world (and of course in most wonderful Hollywood movies) this is possible however balancing work and family life and fitting in all the other areas of life that we so want to dominate (Home, Family, Work, Friends, Relationships, Wellbeing, Adventure, Hobbies, Money – list is endless), this isn’t realistic.  It is important to realise that we can’t give 100% of our time and energy to all these wonderful aspects of our life.  Balance is the key and we need to give focus on those areas that bring us the most joy (e.g. family, work, wellbing) and start to delegate other areas (e.g. Home: if you can afford it, outsource your cleaning & ironing to someone else, Money: employ the services of an accountant or book-keeper to manage your finances).  The key is to NOT struggle doing IT ALL yourself!
  • Comparing: I’m sure we ALL do this.  ‘Look at what so and so has’, ‘Look at how many holidays so and so goes on’, Look at how busy so and so is’, ‘Look how far so and so has come’.  Doing this is torture.  Be gentle on yourself and stop beating yourself up – stop!  Empower your inner strengths and resources, tap into your sense of humour and playful side and where things don’t always go right, share your thoughts with someone else who can help you see the funny/realistic side and help you not take things so seriously.  Your energy can be put to better use instead of time wasting on what someone else is doing or getting up to.
  • Being Perfect: No business and no body is perfect!  We can’t see what goes on behind closed doors and what that ‘oh so perfect person’ we have been comparing ourselves to is having to deal with when they go home at night and shut their front door or when that successful person we admire and look up has to deal with day in and day out when they step into their growing empire. Perfection doesn’t exist however what does exist is our own power and strength to put one step in front of the other, give it our all and move forward in the direction we want to head towards.  If we are real and honest in all our endeavours, there simply isn’t anything we can be down or negative about.  With this new determination, we should breath new air and positivity into every day.
  • Gratitude:  When you wake up ‘give thanks’ for what the day has to offer and at the end of the day ‘give thanks’ for what the day has given us, whether it is new insights and experiences or new learnings we can work on tomorrow.  Be thankful for who we are, where we are and what we have – WE HAVE SO MUCH MORE THAN MOST!

I hope that in some way my sharings help you to realise that you are unique in your own right, you/we all have some great skills, information & insights to offer others and that we are truly enough!

With much love and light Guilda x



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