Sometimes we get caught up simply in……!  Whatever it may be, family, work, children, friends, socially, professionally – whatever it may be, we don’t often take time out to focus on ourselves and boost our own self-esteem and cherish ourselves.  I was once told by a spiritual guide that we need to focus from ‘inside out’, that way we and others in our life will benefit however it is not always that simply to do this is it?

More and more recently I have realised that if we run empty, run out of physical and emotional ‘fuel’ we really aren’t good to anyone least ourselves therefore giving ourselves some self-love and caring for ourselves first and foremost can only benefit ourselves and those around us.

Here I wanted to share with you some of my own little insights that have worked well for me and I make time daily to focus on and actually do and I really hope that it helps you in some small way.


Being overly critical could lead to depression and anxiety. When you make a mistake or something goes wrong, don’t beat yourself up about it!  Look at what has happened objectively, see what you can learn from or what you could have done or said differently and move on!  Pondering over something which has now happened does no good and serves no purpose mentally or physically, in fact it can do more harm – simply ‘let it go’!


Whether you have a family or are on your own (especially if you are on your own), cook a lovely meal from scratch.  Create a menu, go out and buy the ingredients choosing seasonal produce where possible, start to prepare and cook the meal, lay the table, light a candle, put some nice music on and when the time comes, savour every mouthful mindfully.  You will be surprised how good this feels.


Treat yourself to some fresh flowers or a new plant and place it in a place where you will often see it.  Beautiful vibrant colours always give off a feel good feeling and if you enjoy natural scents, buy nice smelling flowers, my favourites being Lilly’s or Hyacinths.


It has been proven that being outdoors in nature truly benefits the mind and body.  Walking (if not jogging or running) serves many positives from physical and mental benefits.  Being in the outdoors gives us time away from ALL technology (put your phone away), lets us reconnect to nature, our surroundings, sounds, birds singing and take time out from our day to day routine and chores.  It simply gives us time to focus on the self for 15/30/60 minutes and this is the vital time we need regularly to give ourselves.


Whether you work in an office or from home, ensure that you take time out during the day.  Sometimes, we can caught up in our work and deadlines and forget to eat and drink and more importantly, forget to get up and stretch the body.  The body and mind works more effectively when it is given the natural resources (food, water/drink & exercise) therefore, in any day, we need to ensure the body receives this regularly.  Try to take at least 30 minutes for lunch where you have time to mindfully eat something nutritious, ensure the body is hydrated and get out in the fresh air to get some natural light and oxygen into your body.  Believe me, this really helps to keep you focused and energised for the rest of the day!


When you have some spare time, research what is happening in your local town and visit your local art gallery or museum.  Do something that you haven’t done, go somewhere that you haven’t gone and see what is happening on your own doorstep.  Take up a new class whether is is craftwork, cooking, art, painting, photography – there really is something for everyone out there! You’ll hopefully get some uplifting and relaxing time out of your normal/usual routine and what you usually do.

I hope that this gives you some insight, ideas & motivation to take more care of yourself and try new things in new ways.  We all probably know all this however sometimes need a gentle reminder at the right time, when we most need it to take action.

With love and light Guilda x

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