Yesterday I bought a glass teapot with infuser to enjoy leaf teas and after purchasing the teapot, I was emailed across this wonderful booklet which told me everything I should know but have never been told about tea!

I love tea, the whole world loves tea (pretty much although I am generalising) however when it comes to enjoying delicious, natural tea leaves, how many of us can truly say we know how to brew a lovely cuppa – from how much tea leaves to use, to how much water to use, whether to use cold water and gently bring to boil or a certain temperature or to add hot boiling water, there are certainly many factors we need to consider in order for us to enjoy a cup of tea …….safely.

Furthermore another interesting point is whether or not to add milk to certain types of teas as well as sugars. Many years ago, I learnt from a Chinese herbal doctor that no pure tea should be consumed with additional condiments (i.e. milk, sugars, fruits) as it destroys the properties of the tea.  Did you know this??

For English Breakfast tea and Earl Grey I do indulge in adding some soya or almond milk as well as a little stevia sweetener however I know that for herbal teas, such as mint, camomile, turmeric, green tea and many other varieties, I shouldn’t add anything and enjoy it in its most natural form, so I don’t add anything!

Have you ever thought about tea and how it should be enjoyed?

Have a read of the attached booklet and please let me have your thoughts.


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