As the festive season fast approaches, we talk about how making tiny changes can have the biggest impact in our lives.  Over the next few days/couple of weeks, take the path of least resistance and develop healthier, more prosperous habits which can give you a head start into the New Year of 2019.

Most of us think of laziness as inherently bad and assume that if we want to develop better habits, we have to conquer it however that way of thinking usually ends in frustration.  Our minds are designed to take the easy route, to go through the day ‘on automatic’, making sure we have the spare ‘brain space’ to deal with unexpected challenges.  A better plan is to harness on our laziness: to arrange our life so that the ‘best’ choice, the habit you want to cultivate, is also the easiest.  That way we will be aligning our natural urges, not fighting them.

How to make this happen

Changes to our surroundings doesn’t need to be radical to have an impact.  For example, keep the TV remote in a distant drawer and the exertion of getting up to get it might induce you to pick up your book instead (if it’s nearer to you or perhaps leave a couple of books lying around for easy access)!  Keep unhealthy snacks on a high shelf so they are less accessible.  Use an app such as StayFocused, which bans you from social media.

Remove temptation

There are many ways to harness laziness when it comes to money.  Leave credit cards at home when you go shopping, put funds from your current account into savings accounts at the start of the month (or when you get paid), if you still desire ‘goods’ after 2 days, then buy it if you want/need it.

Chain your habits

Connect a new, good habit to one that comes naturally, say, to meditate after morning coffee.  Soon you’ll be exploring your brains tendency to go onto autopilot – for a healthier life.

Connecting to nature

Take time to go for walks, out in nature where you can see the greenery that surrounds you, taking in the fresh air (if you live in a city, try to get to your local park that is away from busy roads and therefore toxic fumes).  Invest in earphones and download some inspirational book, talks and relaxing music that can be your company along your way.  This works really well if you are driving in your car and have some distance to travel or get stuck in traffic.

Reach out

Take time to pick up the phone and call a close family member or friend and say hello.  Don’t just simply text!  That personal touch makes all the differences.  In addition, instead of sending emails, write notes and cards just to say hello and post these.  The recipient will be thankful that you have taken the time to dedicate to them and that you were actually thinking of them instead of them being a passing thought with a simply text!

Food & Drink

Keep your body hydrated throughout the festive season.  There is much going on and we sometimes forget to drink water which the body much needs.  Make your glass of water more fun by adding a few slices of lemon or lime and a few leaves of fresh herbs (mint, basil).  If you know you are going to be eating a big meal later on in the day, make some nice soup to enjoy earlier on in the day when you get hungry.  Make sure it is fully loaded with fresh vegetables and herbs to replenish those much needed vitamins and minerals that the body needs…..naturally.  Miso (I recommend the Brown Rice Miso paste which is gluten free & can be purchased from most Health Food Stores) is rich in essential minerals and a good source of various B vitamins, vitamins E, K and folic acid. As a fermented food, miso provides the gut with beneficial bacteria that help us to stay healthy, vibrant and happy; good gut health is known to be linked to our overall mental and physical wellness.

Final Thought

Doing little thinks, taking little steps, can go a long way in reaching certain goals in your life.  Taking a few moments out of your day simply to dedicate to yourself is not selfish, it is needed in nourishing your mind, spirit and body and therefore recharges you for your next action/activity which will be more fruitful because of the rest you have given yourself.  You will be a happier you and therefore a great content example to others 🙂



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