Finding time to simply take time out is important for any person, whether you lead a hectic life with family and/or business, or simply need to find your way and identify your next steps and direction in life.

For me, after what seemed like a totally crazy and chaotic Summer yet enlightening, gratifying and busy, I decided to jet off for a couple of weeks to my second home in sunny California and more specifically to the breathtaking and enchanting Laguna Beach.

I feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to have a ‘get-away’ place such as this as it is not only a somewhere to reconnect with family and friends, it gives me a chance to turn inwards and recharge, take in the breathtaking scenery (right opposite the ocean) as well as finding out about new foods, cafes and restaurants that offer delicious vegan cuisines that I can enjoy and get new ideas from.

Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t really like to eat out (I am fussy in all sorts of ways especially when it comes to tastes, flavours, variety and more importantly cleanliness) however I feel it is important to get out and about and simply see what is going on out there on the vegan scene, especially in places like Laguna Beach and Los Angeles where there is a constant increase in ‘veganism’ and ‘healthy foods’.

Yesterday I took my mum out for lunch and we went to this cute vegetarian cafe in Laguna Beach.  However we struggled in finding totally vegan dishes and the only dish available was this delicious mushroom Pattie burger accompanies by a delicious salad topped with a basil and lemon dressing.


After having travelled to Laguna Beach for many years now, In the afternoon we enjoyed, for the very first time, Laguna Beach’s FREE bus/trolley ride which took us up into Laguna hills where the views were breathtaking (and somewhat scary if you are not great with heights) however we got to see the parts of Laguna that we don’t frequent and it was lovely.

Coming back home, my mum rested and my sister and I had a chilled afternoon going to the movies where we watched ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and after having returned home, we got back just in time to see the beautiful and breathtaking sunset……



So all in all, it was a lovely day filled with quality family time, some great food, a little adrenaline heart pumping moments in the hills, some downtime, and simply taking time out not ‘to do’ yet simply ‘to be’, enjoying the moment for what it is.

My sleeping is still a little wacky at the moment with getting up at silly o’clock here in the US however the benefits are beautiful in so much as you have some time to get up, enjoy a quiet cup of coffee, take in the breathtaking views in the stillness of the early hours whilst the town sleeps and get to meditate whilst watching the beautiful sunrise.

So this is how my holiday has begun and I feel totally grateful for all that I have and experience.

I haven’t quite got round to cooking however we have a few gatherings coming up so will be cooking up a storm in the kitchen and will share with you some of my best recipes for you to try at home.

Until soon, make the most of every day and every moment regardless of where you are.

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