….with life!

As we fully step into the Summer months, I encourage you to fall in love with life. Simple!

We have the great opportunity of getting out in nature in the fresh air where we can let the adventures begin, whatever it may be, a simply walk in the great outdoors or something more challenging like a trek up the hills and mountains, yoga in the park, swimming out at sea, exploring a new village or town or simply keeping it local and exploring your own town and city…the list and choices are endless.  It’s a great time for us to get out and about.

Take it a step further and be adventurous.   Do something you haven’t done before. Check out a new shop you haven’t been to before, whether you need something or not. Go and enjoy a coffee at a new local independent cafe.  Try out a new local workshop or class, something you have been wanting to do for ages but have yet to make the time for. Go to a new restaurant and try new delicacies.

Open your eyes to newness that you previously didn’t see before or were not tuned in to see before.  Take time to take in your surroundings, whether local to you or in a new city or country.  Step out of the norm and you will be surprised what you find, who you meet, new experiences you may come across and so much more.

Holidays are a great time for exploring and for new adventures, whether you want to meet new people in a new town or simply want to ‘chillax’ on your own or with a loved one on the beach…..try new locations, try new beaches, start to see things and your surroundings with new eyes and you will be amazed, if not amused, by the newness that surrounds you.  It is simply wonderful, a fresh way of looking at your surroundings as well as experiencing newness.

We all, from time to time, what to bring newness into our lives and this is a perfect, non expensive way of doing this in finding newness without having to necessarily go away, move to a new town/city, buy a new property/car/asset – simply tune out of the old and tune in to the new, whatever it may be.

On a more personal level, having recently come back from California and visiting Los Angeles and Laguna Beach, my goal was to go out to cater for a couple of VIP luncheons and dinners as well as helping out to create a wonderful event at a luxurious venue in the heart of Hollywood.  In the latter of my projects, I was tasked with a new responsibility I hadn’t done before as well as being responsible for a large group of people I didn’t know, in surroundings that were not familiar to me however by taking on this challenge, I came away feeling content, happy and more confident in my own abilities and strengths as well as having met many lovely and selfless individuals who all came together to volunteer to make a great event successful.

A few years ago, I would not have put myself into such a situation where the goals, tasks and people were completely new and unknown and where I had to work within a large ‘core’ team and had no overall control of individuals tasks or the overall outcome!

However just going with the flow, giving up the need to control certain situations and working together with others resulted in a truly happy, flowing and successful experience where I can truly say, hand on heart, that all those involved, whether as a core team member, a volunteer and even our guests walked away feeling happy and content.

Looking back on this whole experience, it showed me how far I had come in my own personal self growth, self confidence & self esteem and if I had not taken on this wonderful new experience I wouldn’t have had this new insight and self realisation.

Have you taken on any new experiences or challenges?  Have you visited any new towns or cities?  What newness have you found?  How have you let yourself go in order to find the the newness in your life?

Please share as we all learn from each other and one persons experience and adventure can be a great idea for the next person.  #spreadthelove

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