I absolutely love mushrooms, especially in the form of my favourite – Shiitake!

Shiitake mushrooms have a bold strong flavour like no other and are a great substitute for meat for me.  Personally I don’t like to eat a lot of processed foods and that includes processed ‘fake’ veggie/vegan meats hence opting for nutritious and fresh alternatives.  I do use Shiitake mushrooms a lot as a meat replacement as I do tempeh (fermented soy beans) and tofu.

There is a lot of controversy around using soy products however if using Organic and non-GMO, I don’t see it being an issue as the benefits out way any of the negatives.  However it is a personal choice so do your research and only use what works and appeals to you.

So going back to my ‘magic mushrooms’, these brown beauties are so tasty and versatile and packed with goodness.  Shiitake mushrooms are high in B vitamins and they serve as a food source of vitamin D. Some shiitake health benefits include its ability to aid weight loss, support cardiovascular health, fight cancer cells, improve energy levels and brain function, reduce inflammation and support the immune system.

I use Shiitake in soups (great in miso soup), as a meat replacement in stews (especially in Persian stews as they taste great and a wonderful alternative to beef/lamb cubes) as well as creating delicious veggie and rice bowl dishes which include these beauties.

Yesterday I made a delicious ‘Shiitake & Kale Brown Rice Bowl’ dish inspired by this months Waitrose Food Magazine (January 2018 P104).

Check out my recipe and you won’t be disappointed in recreating this easy dish to wow your family and friends at home.

This dish is 100% vegan as well as gluten free.

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