Today I ventured out on my own for a day of silence, reflection and re-focusing my energies on simply being in the moment.

It is not often I get a chance to do this, what with family, friends, busy business and always seeming to be on the go, however today, without planning it, I got out of bed, showered, dressed and headed straight out of the door without really knowing where I was going and what I was going to do.

There seemed to be a pull on me to get out in nature, and with that in mind, that is exactly where I ended up being…..out in nature, by the water (lake) surrounded by lots of beautiful trees.  The weather was a little overcast and although it had been raining overnight, it was clear skies and bright.

I started the day by grabbing some tea with porridge from a nearby cafe, sitting to enjoy the early morning silence before the area became busy with walkers.  It is quite amazing to see that at approx. 9.40am on a Sunday morning, that there were actually lots of people about, with dogs, with children, on their own, couples, elderly friends and although I had expected to be one of the first ‘out there’, it was warming to know others had similar ideas of getting out and about and not letting the day pass them by!

There was an energy and presence that I couldn’t quite put my finger on, as if the spirits of the trees were lurking.  Consciously or otherwise, I have always sought that feeling of wonder, the unexpected, the miraculous, that feeling of newness, freshness and something wonderful about to happen, all rolled into one.

When I take time out from the ‘day to day’, I go with the hope of something ‘wonderful’ about to happen. I go with a positive mindset, letting go of what to think, letting go of what I ‘should/could’ be doing if I hadn’t taken this time out and simply being in the moment, in nature and waiting for whatever it is that is going to happen, happen and what I mean by this is that it doesn’t have to be something big, it could simply be new ideas coming to me, new feelings of peace and happiness, fresh vibrant energy encompassing my whole being!

It seems to me that we have lost our natural ability to access the wonder in the everyday.  We get so caught up in our lives, in the doing, that we forget about simply being, our heads down, focused on our jobs, our homes, our families, friends, colleagues, our heads down in some gadget or other that we hardly ever take the time out to look up, look up into the skies, take a fresh breath of air, and take in the wonders of all the natural beauties that surround us.  Don’t wait for a holiday to make this happen.  Put time aside, every day if possible (first thing in the morning) to simply take a moment to stop and take in the natural wonders around you.  Find the magic in your every day.

I read an article recently about finding the beauty and wonder in everything around, whether you like it or not.  For example, I love the outdoors.  When I get the chance, I love going to parks, country sides, places where the scenery is beautiful and the air is fresh and clean, taking in the trees, different shapes and sizes, the wonderful flowers in all their glory and the scents they release is dizzying.  On the flip side, I travel often to London for work or for shopping, to source delicious goods for my private catering and private chef works and most of the time, the trip is filled with noise, lots of people, pollution of buses and taxes.

On my most recent travels to London, after having read this article, I tried to find the good in all that surrounded me.  I got on the fast train to London and it was packed that I had to stand in a doorway however I realised the magnificence of how this piece of machinery had been created and could carry so many people to a popular destination from far and wide in such a short space of time where as hundreds and years ago, people would have to be driven on rocky unpaved roadways with a horse and carriage (if you were lucky to get a seat) and it would literally take days.

Upon arriving in London and stepping out from the station into the busy bustling streets, being overcrowded by people, buses and taxis, I adjusted my view to the wonderful colours of the buses, shiny bright red to the sheen blackness of the taxis with their bright orange lights to show they were available, to the wonderful colours of clothes people were wearing.  I chose to look at the beauty of everything and everyone rather than being focused on the hustle and bustle which would have immediately zapped away my energy.  I felt liberated, uplifted even and excited at this new vision I had created for myself that enabled me to see the good in all that surrounded me.

I crossed the busy road and marvelled at how orderly traffic lights made cars and people be and headed to the bus stop to catch my bus.  I was lucky enough that as soon as I reached my bus stop, my bus arrived and thankfully there were a few spare seats available of which I find one by the window to perch on.  As I sit and the bus takes off, I gaze out of a very dirty window however marvel to see so many shops that spin into a kaleidoscope of colours, patterns and expressions of creativity all vying for my attention.  I pass by restaurants, cake shops, jewellery shops with all their glittering pieces, clothes shops colourful in their displays, juice bar stands in the middle of the pavements, musicians playing beautifully trying to make a few pounds and so much more going on.

As my perspective shifts, I’m struck by how all of this unexpected vibrancy has been here all along waiting to be ‘truly’ seen!

This new way of thinking and being leaves me feeling that accessing ‘wonder’ is a discipline but how does it truly work?  How often to I need to tap into this new found resource so that I can feel the benefits in my day to day living?

Quantum law says that when you observe a system, a way of feeling, thinking, being, you change that system.  The stronger the intention, the more synchronicity we experience.  If you’re walking in an intentional way, you’re creating meaning.  You have to be focused in this new way of thinking and being to start creating that newness, whether you intentionally seek it or now, that is what is so ‘wonderful’ about simply being in the moment and letting it guide you naturally in whatever direction it naturally wants to take you!

I once heard a spiritual teacher say ‘Wonder is a delight in the possibilities of existence, a way, a sense of adventure and curiosity – that childlike magical way of thinking and being’.

The great thing about wonder is that once you are open to it, it becomes your default setting and wonder reveals itself to you more and more, encompassing your life with a thrilling richness.  Experience this for yourself.  Let me know what you think about this and if you have ever tapped into this way of thinking and being.

Here are some questions to ask yourself in order for you to be your own wonder and write the answers down in your journal so you can reflect on them later.

  1. When was the last time that you were inspired by a sense of wonder?  What triggered it and why?
  2. What thoughts, feelings or actions open you up to a sense of wonder?  Do you feel wondrous things are all around if you only look or is it more specific e.g. going on holiday, going to a great concert or show, a special occasion?
  3. What thoughts, feelings or actions stop you feeling wonder e.g. I’m too busy, I’m late, I’m checking Facebook/Instagram?
  4. What can you do or how can you think differently to invite more wonder into your life over the next day/week/month?  Be specific!

Feel free to share some of your thoughts, positive or otherwise.  As I always say sharing is a great way that we can truly learn from one another, and I hope that this article has given you a little ‘Food4Thought’.

With love and good wishes and wishing you a truly ‘wonderful’ week ahead  xx



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