As we say goodbye to 2017 and welcome the New Year of 2018, we start to think about the future, about our New Years Resolutions, our plans, our coming goals, our health and so much more.

The New Year always seems to bring about change, us all wanting to make new resolutions to become healthier, happier, more active and more involved and it is a great time to put some of our plans and goals into action.

Of course, you can start anytime so see when is the RIGHT time for YOU and take that opportunity to put your goals and plans into action, step by step.  Don’t rush it, don’t force yourself, don’t be hard on yourself, simply take time out for yourself, sit down, light a candle, and write down some goals you want to aim for.  Break these down into small milestones to make them achievable.

My focus for the coming year is to take time out and cleanse.  If Christmas and the festivities has taken its toll on your body (and mind) with overeating and over drinking, then this is a great time to consider cleansing.

Our bodies have a very cleaver way of telling us that they need some support, some extra nourishment and a bit of a break from what we are putting into it.  Not sure if you need a detox?  Most experts advise that a cleanse a couple of times a year is no bad thing as it gives your system a chance to reset and what a better time then to kick start the New Year with a healthy cleanse!  The results can be incredible with some weight loss, feeling sharper and more energetic, brighter and healthier looking skin and simply feeling like a fresher and newer you.

Here are some ‘first steps’ guidelines to help you along your way.

  • Plan:  Take time to plan your cleanse/detox in advance.  The quickest way to break your cleanse is if you don’t have the right information, ingredients, supplements and support to assist you on this journey.


  • GP/Doctor:  Ensure you check with your medical practitioner before making any changes to your ‘diet’ and adding any new supplements.  You have to factor in current medication you may be on and current conditions you have.


  • Choose the right plan:  There are many different types of detox and cleansing programmes out there.  Some last a week, other a month and some longer.  Choose a plan that offers you what you want in terms of result and how long you want to participate in such a plan.  It needs to be realistic!


  • Be realistic:  One of the most important factors to consider when you are deciding on your detox plan is what you can realistically commit to.  This means how will your detox/cleanse plan fit in with your routine, family life, work life and general life demands.


  • Effects:  It is worth doing your research into the program you have chosen so you become familiar with some of the side effects most commonly experienced by those who have already participated in such a program.  Most common side effects when the body starts to rid itself of toxins are:  headaches, wind, nausea, cravings and tiredness.


  • Be prepared:  Plan your detox diet well and ensure you have the right supplements to help support you and the right ingredients for the food and drinks you will have and where possible, cook in advance in batches reducing the chances of failing in your plan through hunger and craving.  Ensuring you have the right foods to hand and ready for you to enjoy is key to any successful and healthy eating plan.


  • Share:  Let your family and friends know about your plan and get them on board to support you throughout the duration of your detox/cleanse.  They may even join in with you and you can support each other along this journey.


  • Pamper:  Throughout your detox/cleanse, pamper yourself with simple steps at home like taking a warm aromatherapy type bubble bath to tantalise your senses, from smell to feeling your skin being soothed and your muscles relaxing.


  • Walk in nature:  Walking in the outdoors amongst nature, in a park with lots of green and water where possible is always highly recommended and proves beneficial, not only for the body (gentle all over/whole body movement), also for the mind, clearing out the cobwebs and simply being in the moment.


  • Body brush:  With any detox/cleansing program, body brushing is recommended to get rid of the bodies dead skin as well as leaving you feeling refreshed and cleansed.  Most natural health shops sell body brushes and body salts to use during this process as well as lovely natural smelling body butters/creams to use afterwards to leave your skin feeling revitalised and smooth.


  • Meditate:  Taking time to ‘simply be’ is important to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle and this includes meditation.  Meditating is a way to quieten the body and mind by focusing on a point or closing your eyes and listening to some calm and relaxing music and letting go of all thoughts (to do lists, chores, problems, tomorrow, food etc. etc) and simply be in the moment.  There are lots of free meditation music online that you can access as well as guided meditations which will help you keep more focused.  Try different variations out for yourself and see what works out best for you.


  • Journal:  Journalling is a way to write out and focus on what you want to achieve in life, in the future (broken down into milestones which are short, realistic and achievable) and where you can right your inner most thoughts, dreams, aspirations, goals, some daily positive affirmations to keep you motivated and even your ‘vent-outs’ where you can blow off steam in the privacy of your own ‘world’.  Writing has been proven to be a great way to stay focused in your life’s goals as well as therapeutic along any journey you want to embark on.


  • Water:  It is important to keep the body hydrated and ensure you drink a minimum of 8 glasses of pure filtered water a day.  You can spruce your water up by adding slices of lemon, lime, oranges, strawberries, basil, mint and any others fruits/veggies/herbs that you love to create a vibrant colourful and healthy drink.


  • Juicing:  Juicing is a great way to include supplements, superfoods, fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs into your detox/cleansing plan as well as giving your stomach and digestive system a break.


  • Food:  Where possible eat Organic and in season.  This ensures that you remove excess toxins into your body through pesticides and other ‘additives and preservatives’ added to our ‘fresh’ foods to keep them fresher and going for longer.  Eating fresh and cooking from scratch is also important to ensure you maintain a healthy and clean diet.


  • Tea:  Drinking herbal teas is a great way to aid any cleanse/detox program as well as adding to your liquid intake.  If you love coffee, try substituting with ginger tea (lemon and ginger is great) or green tea as these replicate the ‘caffeine’ kick in our minds as well as our bodies that we get from our coffee indulgence!

So I hope the above has given you some great information to get you on your way.

For more information about cleansing and some great Antioxidant-rich and list of Superfoods that can help you along the way, click here Superfoods



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