I wanted to dedicate a whole post to the wonderful, delicious and totally versatile cauliflower.

Cauliflower has never been one of my favourite vegetables however, in recent months, it has now become my most FAVOURITE veggie!

It is fascinating how, through time, our taste buds change and I think that like many vegetables, when you cook it right and use a few different types of herbs and spices to spruce flavours up a little, then you truly have a balanced, tasty and colourful meal, not least to mention its benefits and contributing to our 5 or 10 recommended vegetables a day!

It was in fact my mother who got me into eating more cauliflower, when she created this most delicious tangy and spicy cauliflower steak.  She had marinaded it in lemon juice, olive oil and some Indian spices given to her by friends in LA (flown in from India of course 🙂 and baked in the oven and enjoyed by us after only half hour.  I didn’t have high hopes for liking this dish however I LOVED it and it has now become a regular dish we enjoy.

So with all this in mind, I wanted to share with a few different recipes, with Cauliflower being the main ingredient.  You can see from the picture above, Cauliflower has numerous health benefits as well as being nutritious and full of fibre that will compliment a balance and healthy vegan and gluten free diet.

Try it for yourself and let me know how you get on.

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