When we hear the word ‘flavoured’, generally people will think about artificial sweeteners and artificial cordials.  When I say flavoured, I mean ‘naturally’, with fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.

My mum has been drinking this way for years and I swear by it that had she not kept herself so hydrated with delicious natural flavours, she would not have been with us to this day.  Her skin is amazingly good for her age (77) and she often receives complements about her skin, energy and general vitality.  She drinks ‘flavoured’ water throughout the day, everyday,  with little or no other hot/cold drinks added into the mix. It is so important that when our parents, family members and friends get older, they keep hydrated as this is one of the highest fatalities we face in this day and age – dehydration!

Below you will see some delicious and refreshing options of creating drinking water that will leave you the envy of your family and friends (even colleagues if you do this in the workplace)!


  1. Sliced lemon and lime
  2. Lime slices with a few sprigs of fresh mint
  3. Sliced lemon, lime and orange with sliced fresh strawberries
  4. Mixed berries with a fresh sprig of basil
  5. Sliced cucumber with a fresh sprig of mint and dill

The list is endless.

Play around with different fruits, different herbs and simply have fun.  Don’t worry about waste – there doesn’t need to be any!  Use left over herbs in salads, soups or stews.

Water:  I always use still filtered water however plain carbonated water works fine here to and adds that extra fizz!

Ice:  In the Summer of course you can add ice to keep your water cool.  Playing around with fresh fruit, vegetable and herbs in your ice tray is also a very tempting look so you can go for this option to in order to impress your family, friends and neighbours!


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