In these modern times, the world can feel very divided which is more the reason for us to celebrate our shared humanity and looking at ways in which we can ‘come together’ more.

These days (although not too often) I glance at newspaper headlines and feel heavy hearted with all the negative news, all the troubles in the world, all the natural calamities happening and of course the poverty world desperation and often think how I, little me, can make a some sort of difference/dent in paving a positive path in this world.

I know that avoiding these topics is not the answer as we can’t hide away from the ‘outside’ world however being an optimistic person, I am keen to find ways and ideas to explore to make a positive change, somehow, somewhere.

We can’t shut ourselves away from the world, we can’t run away and live in a commune, we can’t turn a blind eye, however what we can do is to start to take meaningful action and to start living by it.

Opportunities for living a positive healthy and balanced life is all around us, we must simply tune in and find it.

By living in these modern times, with all the negatives we see and hear, so many positivities have also come with it, more access to community inspired projects, the internet that brings us all together and gives us access to free information, to free groups/meetings/gatherings and events, being able to become part of communities that before the internet would not have been nearly as easily possible.

I myself have, over the years, joined book clubs, networking groups, vegan communities online, vegan and healthy food gatherings, further training and educating myself plus so many other events and get togethers and through this have not only made friends, have built up a network of people that before the ‘WWW’, I probably wouldn’t have had the opportunity to meet.

Other ventures that unite people is obviously through food, which is my biggest passion and the most universal reason to gather.  All over the world cafe’s are popping up offering more than just coffee and cake.  They are starting to offer more ‘touchy feely’ activities what with talks on mindfulness, meditation and yoga classes, specific talks hosted by guests specialising in particular wellbeing subjects plus so much more.

Looking back over the past 5 years alone, this ‘Cafe Culture’ has progressed considerably and moves towards the positive life we all want to live.

Of course this by all means is not the only way to move forward, there are many other ways.

One of the other most important ways to ‘come together’ for me is to make sure that no matter how busy our lives get, we always make time for our family and friends.  These people are the core of our being and we need to maintain these relationships to show how much they are loved and valued members of our circle no matter what else is going on in our lives and no matter what else is going on in the world.

So we have touched on the external impacts, the internet and WWW and the internal, our families and friends however one small part left is to factor in the ‘simple acts of kindness’.  This can be from a smile whilst walking outdoors, to stopping and talking to someone you don’t know and asking them how they are, to volunteering some time to perform some act of kindness, the list is endless.

Always remember that people we interact with on a daily basis are people, they are humans, they are facing their own struggles, battles, hardships as well as of course some being happy and fortunate, regardless, we should always act with love and kindness to all who cross our paths – it could be just what they needed to change the way in which their day pans out!

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