This morning I woke up at 5.30am with a headache, a pressurised migraine that hurt on movement.

I contemplated taking some strong painkillers, pulling down my blackout blind & burying my head under the pillow to try to sleep.  After tossing and turning for a few minutes, I realised that the only ‘medicine’ for this pain and restlessness was to get up and get out………get out in the early morning fresh air and breath deeply the oxygen my insides so badly needed and walk off the pain.

So that is exactly what I did.

At 6.30am I headed out into the sunshine, albeit with sunglasses and a cap to keep the sun rays away from my throbbing head, and headed for Bedford Park.  Within 5 minutes of deep breathing and oxygenating my lungs which seemed to reach my brain very quickly, I started to feel slightly better.

I persisted with my walk and by the time I got to Bedford Park (it takes 15 minutes to get there from my house), I was feeling better, lighter, more energetic and happy that I listened to my inner positive voice rather than the negative nagging voice which said ‘turn over and sleep’!

                              Bedford Park

        The Pavilion in Bedford Park

                   Bedford Park

                  Bedford Park

I walked for 1 hour and 15 minutes, did 10,883 steps, my head was feeling so much better and I felt somehow energised for the day ahead.  I also drank 1 litre of water during my walk which helped keep my mind and body hydrated, which is so important when suffering with a headache.  Ultimately a headache is down to inflammation of the nerves pushing on the brain and we need to do everything to reduce the inflammation which with exercise, fresh air (oxygen) and nutritious food and drink, these can all bring huge natural benefits and wonderful results.

Having got home, I made a fresh juice from organic carrot, celery, apple, ginger and turmeric (ginger & turmeric both have great anti-inflammatory properties) and a slice of wholegrain sourdough toast topped with almond butter & banana with a sprinkling of cinnamon (which also has anti-inflammatory properties).

Although much of today is going to be spent resting the body and mind, this will help set me up for some cooking and baking I need to do late afternoon.

So it goes to show, sometimes with fresh air, nutritious food and drink, some meditation and quiet reflection time, these all do help to create a balance of harmony that the body so needs.

Contact me if what you have read this and are inspired to improve your health naturally, with guidance from someone who has been there, done that and succeeded!  Truly!

With love and light, Guilda x

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