Monday is a start of a new week and somehow, Mondays seems to be when people begin new projects, start new ventures, make new promises (‘I will start to diet on Monday’), start new health regimes (‘I will go to the gym starting Monday’) and so on.  We have all been there right?

However, one thing to remember is that life has no schedules, no timescales, no deadlines, no ‘tomorrow’s’.  Only the ‘now’ exists, this moment in time.  Therefore, whatever we are planning to do, we need to start it now, in this moment and give it our full undivided attention to make it a success.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring?  Who actually cares?  Today is what is important.

With all this in mind and having some time this afternoon to reflect away from a very busy past week and even busier weekend, I have come to the conclusion that we need to make the most of our time in the ‘now’, this ‘present moment’.  I’m not going to try to put my plans into actions, I’m going to actually start to put them into action – there is no word such as try!  Either we do or we don’t!  So I’m going to do……..and keep doing……….until I am satisfied with my achievements and meeting my goals that I actually set for myself.

Quite profound when you step back and look at this idea and concept!

Remember one thing!  You are not doing ‘anything’ for anyone else…….you are doing things for yourself.  Whatever you end up doing may benefit others in the long term however initially, we all need to work on the self first and foremost, from inside out and once we understand this formula, everything else will flow.

To make ALL this possible, we need to quieten the mind.  We need to give our mind some time to relax, calm down and re-charge.  We need to give our mind some space to ‘think’, and through this silence alone, the mind will start to gain some clarity, away from the general day to day ‘chit chat’, away from all the ‘to do’s’ or ‘must do’s’ and present to us with clarity the direction in which we want our life to move forward with.

This of course takes practice and time.  It will not happen over night however it will happen given time, attention and space.  To enable this practice to work, we need to dedicate some time.  During this time we need to switch off from the outside and detox…..this means switching off our phones, our computers, our tv’s and so on……..switch off from the outside world so we can focus on our inside world.

If you are familiar with meditation or mindful practices, this is when you can use these skills to ‘de-clutter’ the mind and help the mind re-focus in the direction you want to take towards.

If you are not familiar with meditation or mindfulness then please let me know if this is something you would like to learn and find out more about.  I regularly practice meditation and more recently, through my journey learning all about Macrobiotics, I have been practicing more with mindfulness which is simply being more aware of our actions, for example, how we prepare food, how we cook, how we eat, how we relax, how we talk and so on.  It is about simply paying attention to our actions and to our thoughts.

I will soon be hosting a new season of ‘Meditation and Mindfulness’ classes which will be suitable for everyone, whether you are a beginner or a well practiced ‘yogi’ so please contact me to find out more of click here to register your interest.  Contact

As always I welcome your feedback and comments.

So until soon, have a lovely week Guilda x

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