Where to begin?  Right at the beginning?

As some of you may know, this past weekend was my last weekend on my Macrobiotics course, which was both enlightening as well as sad.  Enlightening because of all the wonderful new techniques I learnt as well as new skills and sad because having met some lovely people, I won’t be seeing them as regularly as I have done over the past 6 months and enjoying the great foods we all created together.

However, now, moving forward, is a new era and that is to put into practice all that I have learnt to add to the already lengthy list of specific skills I have acquired over the past 7 years related to what I currently offer in relation to food and catering and an even longer list that if we take into account the extensive and ongoing life skills we continue to learn on a day to day basis.

So moving forward what has life got in store for me?  Or perhaps I should say for you!

I will continue to offer the ‘Private Catering ‘services with the additional services listed below:

~  Personal Chef
~  Macrobiotics Cook and Health Coach
~  NLP & Life Coach

Although the new skill I have acquired above is as a Macrobiotic Cook and Health Coach, the other already well developed and existing skills I have around food will assist me in becoming a mindful and resourceful Personal Chef, creating delicious, nutritious and healthy dishes as well as running healthy workshops as well as my long standing acquired skill as an NLP practitioner practising Neuro Linguistic Programming both in the Corporate world as well as in day to day Life Coaching.

What is NLP?  Neuro-Linguistic Programming is used to enhance performance, to help an individual control their emotional state and to stay focussed on what they want from life. It incorporates specific Neuro-Linguistic Programming strategies and techniques designed to produce specific outcomes.

I hope you can see the benefits in being able to work with someone (me) who can work with you on so many Holistic and Mindful levels in order to assist you in reaching your own personal (and/or professional) goals as well as starting to address some perhaps longstanding/existing issue areas that you want to overcome and move forward with.

So with all this in mind, if you would like to work with me on one or more of the areas of service I am offering, then please get in touch to register your interest and get you booked in to start that beautiful journey we all have waiting ahead of us.

To learn more about the specifics of the new services I am now offering, please click here…. Holistic Health Services

So until soon, I look forward to beginning our new journey together.

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