For those of you who don’t know, I attend a course in London every other weekend to learn everything ‘Macrobiotic’!

I set this goal whilst in Los Angeles over Christmas 2016, after having an ‘Aha’ moment with my sister whilst we were waiting to have her car serviced.  During the 2.5 hour wait, my sister brought with her 2 books:  ‘No Grain, No Pain‘ by Dr Peter Osborne and ‘Essential Oshawa, Understanding the Basics of Macrobiotics‘ by George Oshawa.

I picked up ‘No Grain, No Pain’, first as this was given to me and my sister by a massage therapist who swore on this book.  I read the first chapter or so, yet didn’t feel myself getting into the book like I imagined I would.  I quickly scanned the rest of the book to see if I could become more enthused but I didn’t.  So I turned to the 2nd book ‘Essential Oshawa’, and read this book quickly in about 1 hour.  The book is 256 pages however something just resinated with me to read it and finish it.

After reading the book, I was so enthused that I summarised the book to my sister and said that we should find someone we could learn more about this principle with, starting perhaps with a cooking class, to understand the food principles better.

I ‘Googled’ some different options and found someone in California and called them there and then.  The man I spoke to was ‘Carl Ferre’ who wrote the ‘Essential Guide to Macrobiotics’ and he was really helpful, informative and knowledge-ful.

After a long conversation and explaining to him that I was only in LA, California for a short time, and that I wanted to find someone who could give us an overview and general insight into Macrobiotics and cooking with this theory in mind, he suggested I contact someone else, although what with it being the Christmas and New Year period, people were probably away or closed until the New Year.  However this did not put me off.

I contacted the person Carl recommend and left a voice message for them.

This person was Jeanne Grossett of 7th Element Macrobiotic Health Services based in Glendale, California.

After a few days, Jeanne got back to me and we arranged to go to her house for a 3 hour Macrobiotics overview and cooking class.

Well, after this first session I was hooked.  I haven’t looked back.  Jeanne was not only a pleasant, open and insightful person, her knowledge and personal experiences were vast leaving you wanting to learn more. The foods she made for us were 3 wonderful dishes that she created effortlessly, were very tasty and although we didn’t eat a lot, left us full and satisfied (with leftovers to take home).

Having this first positive experience with Macrobiotics, during the last fews days of my holidays at the beginning of this year in LA, California, I wasted no time and started to look for a Macrobiotics School or Teacher back in the UK that I could connect and work with on my return to the UK and I did.  With Jeanne’s help and recommendations, and my search on the internet, I came across a Macrobiotics teacher in London, called Simon Brown.

I contacted Simon and realising that he had a course which had already started in October 2016, I informed him I was keen to join this class and make up any sessions I had missed which Simon gladly accepted and so on 21st January 2017, I attended my first week of the course ‘Macrobiotic Cook & Health Advisor’.

So this is what I am studying with Simon twice a month and loving every moment of learning and growing whilst personally becoming more knowledgeable and growing stronger and healthier day by day.

You will see some postings I update on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter of delicious foods we create during my classes and I can’t even begin to describe to you how tasty, filling and satisfying these meals are.  I can only tell you that the methods in which we cook, the ingredients that we use, the dishes that we create are truly wholesome, natural, tasty and healthy in every way possible and they simply leave you wanting to learn more about the whole Macrobiotic concept of eat and living……….’holistically’.

So with this in mind, I wanted share with you some pictures of the foods we created during this last weekend and a dish I made early this morning that I enjoyed for lunch.

If you have any questions about Macrobiotics, or would like any further information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I will continue sharing with you my insights along this wonderful journey I have the pleasure in experiencing as well as some delicious recipes, pictures and hints and tips.  I urge you to join my mailing list so you can be first to read about stories and insights by subscribing:


With love and light, Guilda x


Mid-morning snack: Organic Green Juice: Spinach, Fennel, Cucumber, Celery, Ginger, Turmeric & Green Apple


Shiitake Mushroom & Brown Rice Risotto


Roasted beetroot & Avocado Salad with mixed greens (lettuce, watercress & spinach), drizzled with Umeboshi Plum Vinegar and Olive Oil

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