Yes, Mondays come around so quickly that before we know it and have time to unwind and enjoy the weekend, it is Monday morning again.

Hustle, bustle, getting ready for work, getting your children ready for school, teenagers getting ready for college and so on.

I am so happy to be working for myself, where my time is my own.  However, working from home means we have to be disciplined. good at time management, dedicated to our work and extremely enthusiastic about what we are doing and more importantly believe in ourselves and our work.

For me the benefits are huge:

  • Flexibility
  • Being available to look after my mum and tending to her health needs
  • Taking care of my own health and fitness regime (getting up and going for a walk first thing without having to rush back and get ready for work)
  • Being able to get up and move around freely
  • Cook and eat when I want (and of course exactly what I want and need)
  • Able to schedule business meetings to suit me and my customers/suppliers
  • See friends when I want (work allowing)
  • Cooking and baking fresh foods, cakes and treats from home as per customer orders
  • Plus so much more…..

Of course what I need to be conscious about is the following:

  • Self-discipline
  • Dedicated
  • Great time-managment
  • When work is full on, forcing myself to get up and out, get fresh air, stretch and not simply carried away with tasks at hand
  • Ensure I touch base with friends, colleagues and business buddy to engage in that human contact
  • Network with other people who also work from home so you keep in touch with other industries and what is going on out there in the ‘real’ world

Monday being Monday is always a busy day, catching up with emails, preparing orders, cooking and baking etc.

The morning is busy with my mums medical appointments so before heading out, I have made sure that I have prepared some good wholesome food for our return at lunch time and then focusing on an afternoon of baking………..

Preparations for Miso Soup


Red lentil, sweet potato and coriander Dhal

For lunch I have prepared the following:

– Miso soup packed with spinach, butternut squash, sweet potato, carrots and celery with a delicious white bean miso paste

– Red lentil and sweet potato dahl

– Mixed salad made with lettuce, celery, green apples, coriander, parsley, red and green peppers which will be topped with a simple lemon and olive oil dressing

Can’t wait.

So for now, I wish you a wonderful Monday, a great start to the week and until soon xx

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