Oh my days…can you believe we have reached the first day of 2017?

Time flies when you’re having fun right?

2016 has seen so many twists and turns, teachings and learnings, challenges and wonders and above all, for me, it has seen growth, in terms of learning and understanding and more deeply, spiritually and getting closer to understanding the why’s and how’s to this ‘game of life’.

My favourite saying for 2017 is:


Firstly, can I wish you all a very ‘Happy New Year’ for 2017 and hope that this coming year brings you some newness and freshness in your lives resulting in contentment, happiness, much love for all things (people and not just friends and family but the wider global perspective of the world) and the focus and dedication you want to obtain your goals you so desire.

This year, today, as any other day, I will be striving to continue my path in achieving ‘healthy body, healthy mind’ and learning more about natural health and nutrition in order to maximise the benefits to my body and mind as well as being able to offer you all full packed factual information on how best to achieve the best from the foods you eat as well as the benefits it serves on your bodies.


As we bid farewell to 2016, my personal learnings thus far have been:

~  Every day is a blessing and has something to teach.  We just need to be open to receiving.  More practically, I have been tuning into my inner self regularly throughout the via meditation and ‘time out’ and it is a beautiful wonder to see the touchings we receive if only we silence the mind.  This has proved beneficial to me in continuing with this daily practice in order to gain self peace and self calm so I can focus better on my tasks, projects and plans at hand.


~  Learning new things:  Whilst I have been in California, Laguna Beach, enjoying the Christmas and New Year Holidays with my family, I have had the privilege and benefit of being taught ‘Therapeutic Ivengar’ Yoga which has been very insightful and teaches the alignment of body, mind and breath.  What I love about it is that it is not strenuous however still manages to challenge all the muscles in the body that have been dormant for a long time (i.e the core which is essential to build a strong healthy back, neck and shoulder muscles that gradually assists to build a strong healthy spine as the ‘lead spine’ starts in the back of the neck area).  So on my return to the UK, I will be searching for a great yoga instructor who can continue my new journey in the form of Therapeutic Ivengar, hoping there is someone in the Bedford area (if you know of anyone then please let me know).


~  A good few years ago I started to learn Reiki as I was fascinated in learning about the bodies Chakras and how you can move energy around the body to maximise the benefits for a healthy body, healthy mind.  On this trip to the US, I had a wonderful session with a very energetic and intuitive young man called ‘Brendan’ who not only carried out a wonderful Reiki session with me, he also did a lot of physical energy moving and clearance for me.  All I can tell you is that after my session, I felt light, clearer, enlightened and refreshed in seeing my goals moving forward and keeping the focus on what I really want to achieve.  This is another of those wonderful areas that I would like to continue the path on for self/body progression.


~  Journalling:  For me, this is a powerful tool.  The act of writing accesses your left brain, which is analytical and rational. … Writing helps to remove mental blocks and allows you to use all of your brainpower to better understand yourself, others and the world around you. Begin journaling and begin experiencing these benefits: Clarify your thoughts and feelings whilst with practice, becoming more focused on what it is you actually want out of life and what you want to achieve.


To summarise, I believe that with any physical growth and progression, we need to benefit our physical journey with a mental and spiritual activity so it compliments our all over holistic mind and body growth.  This could be anything from regular meditation classes, yoga classes (that incorporates mind, body and breathing exercises) to structured positive thinking and self-esteem classes to simply just taking time out for YOU, on a regular basis (walking, running, spending time with friends, spending time alone in nature or whatever way helps you detach and relax).

I feel it is important to spend time with the self, feeding the body nutritionally as well as feeding the mind.

So as we say hello to 2017, keep in mind that this is YOUR new day, new week, new month, new year and that NOW is the time.




As always I welcome your feedback, input, comments and sharings.  With much peace and love, Guilda x


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