It has been a beautiful past few days here in Laguna Beach, California.

Whilst visiting family for the festive period, we have been enjoying our time together, shopping, visiting friends, enjoying time at home, a little cooking (not too much as I have been sharing this duty with my mum, my sister and of course enjoying a few fabulous restaurants along the way) and simply learning to enjoy the moment.  Christmas was a lovely quiet family affair where I did actually cook a delicious nut roast with all the trimmings and for dessert I baked a delicious vanilla and pineapple cake which I served with coconut whipped cream.


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The thing I love about the USA is everything, food wise, is so readily available for veggie/vegans.  You can buy an assortment of ‘meat’ substitutes, ‘cheese’ substitutes, ‘milk’ substitutes, ‘egg’ replacers’, ‘cream & yoghurt’ substitutes.  I LOVE this about the US.  If you are into ready meals/processed meals (which I don’t promote) this is also the place to get a lot of foods readily available in the supermarkets.  However it is nice to buy lovely produce and create your own dishes to share with friends and family.


Easy Make-Ahead Cranberry Sauce

Easy Make-Ahead Cranberry Sauce


A few nights ago we suffered terrible storms what with heavy rain and extreme winds which are unusual weather patterns for this part of the world however, of course having travelled from the UK, I have been blamed for bringing this weather behaviour with me across my travels to this part of the world!  Could it be?  I don’t think so 🙂


To be honest, I think that the whole world is changing, what with global warming, all parts of the world are experiencing unusual weather patterns, where the earths surface is increasing in temperature (both land and water). Global warming is accelerating the melting of ice sheets and causing sea levels to rise.  It is also changing precipitation and weather patterns in many different places, making some places dryer, with more intense periods of drought and at the same time making other places wetter, with stronger storms and increased flooding (my experience exacly).  These changes have affected both nature as well as human society and will continue to have increasingly worse effects if greenhouse gas emissions continue to grow at the same pace as today.  I can surely say that I have experienced this effect during my last weeks stay here in Laguna Beach, California, as it’s current weather pattern is extremely unusual.

However, all this aside, the weather today is now settled (although a little foggy), with beautiful warm sunshine and a warm breeze that softly touches and cools my skin.


This afternoon (5pm my time and 1am in the UK), as I sat down to update my journal and my blog, I looked outside from my working space and took in a deep breath, feeling the the upmost gratitude and thankfulness to have the opportunity to experience such beauty around me, be surrounded by love, water, good food, warmth, air, and so much more.

Truly a big THANK YOU goes out to the creator of this amazing world that I experience.  I know that know everyone can experience what I am experiencing at this moment, however with love in our hearts, we need to spread this feeling and vibration out to the world as it currently experiences many challenges!

Until soon, much love goes out to the world and to you all x




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