As the Holiday season sets in and the festive feeling truly starts to become a reality, I am so looking forward to spending Christmas visiting family in Los Angeles, sunny California.

The last few days have been pretty full on in terms of making sure all our last minute orders have been fulfilled and that the next couple of days is about ensuring that the last few cakes and our very popular raw energy balls are being delivered and enjoyed by many.  Just to let you know that whilst we are away, we have collaborated with Pumpernickel Health Shop in Church Arcade, Bedford, and they will be stocking gift boxes of our mixed variety ‘Raw Energy Balls’ over the Christmas period.  These special boxes will cost £5 for 5 delicious energy balls so when you are in need of a healthy treat or want to give the perfect gift to that someone special, you now have somewhere to go whilst we are ‘closed’ for the holidays.


We are also proud to share with you that we have created some delicious raw protein energy balls for all of you who are on a fitness regime and fancy something healthy, satisfying and filling without any added sugars or fats so these too, are being stocked at Pumpernickel.  Next year, when I return from my break, you will be able to order them directly from our shop at Virtuoso Foods as well as contacting me to set up weekly/fortnightly/monthly schemes for your office, gym, studio or home to have these delivered fresh to offer your customers/employees.  If you would like any more information on this, please contact me directly (Guilda:



Our holiday closure dates are: Wednesday 14th December – 15th January 2017


Moving forward we have a lot planned for 2017.  I am really excited about 2017 and will share with you my exciting plans for the New Year, next year, when I return from my holiday so keep tuned in.

However all is not lost.  Whilst I am on my holidays, I will be staying tuned in on Facebook and Instagram (and of course regularly checking my emails) and sharing with you some holiday snaps, holiday food and of course some delicious new recipes.  I don’t know if you know, but Los Angeles is huge on vegetarian and vegan foods and there are many wonderful cafes and restaurants that I will be visiting with a view of sharing great recipes and ideas with you.

As always I invite you to communicate with me, share your ideas and recipes, great hints and tips, feedback and comments as I feel this is great way for us ALL to grow and learn, from each other.

So for now I will leave you with my favourite quote and thought for today until my next update…….x

love-heart-fruit-and-veg  thankful




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