It was an early morning wake up call this morning with lots to do and plan for today and over the weekend.

As Halloween is fast approaching, we have been popular with orders for our Raw Energy Balls and Bites.  I am so happy that more and more people are switching onto wanting healthier tastier treats to offer not only their own children, but other children visiting their door steps during this Halloween!  Not only will the children be able to enjoy delicious and varied raw balls and bites but their parents will also be able to devour our treats.  So it’s not too late to place your orders for Halloween, for work (spoil you employees/employers and colleagues), your kitchen mantlepiece for turning to for the tasty snack and of course treat someone to that perfect gift, an alternative and perfectly delicious replacement to the usual box of chocolates you are used to buying!

Yesterday I attended the ‘Busy Women Networking’ lunch which was really good as I got to meet lots of women from all walks of business and they all loved my raw energy ball tasters I took along with me.  Lots of new business leads to chase up on and looking forward to networking with them in the future.

Today I will be making loads of energy balls and bites, as well as raw crackers and a vegan victoria sponge, a vegan chocolate cake and lots of cupcakes for a childrens birthday party.  As you can see it is going to be a busy day and weekend ahead and with this in mind, I need to stay energised and plan well to keep the body fuelled the right way.

To kick start the day I will be enjoying some porridge with banana and blueberries to fuel me throughout the morning, after my brisk morning walk (40 minutes).

I have prepared my fruit and veg for making juice later this morning of which I will use the pulp to make raw crackers and I have also prepared the ingredients to make a pea & sweetcorn chowder for lunch.  As I always say, preparation is KEY to the success of healthy eating, making sure you have the right balanced foods ready when your body needs it.


For anyone who would like to make my delicious creamy soup, here is the recipe, continuing with Challenge 5:

Serves 4

(1)  2 medium potatoes diced
(2)  1 medium red pepper diced
(3)  1 carrot diced into small pieces
(4)  1 cup of frozen mixed sweetcorn and peas
(5)  1 can of coconut milk
(6)  6 cups of pre-prepared stock (recipe in my blog from Wednesday 26th October).
(7)  1/4 tsp coconut oil


In a saucepan gently saute all the vegetables, except peas and sweetcorn, in coconut oil, stirring for about 10 minutes.  Add the stock and let the mix simmer for about 20 minutes until the vegetables are tender.  If you want the soup to be thick, you can gently blend the vegetables now.  Add sweetcorn and peas, simmer for another 5 minutes before adding the coconut milk.  Simmer for another 5-10 minutes before the soup is ready to serve.

This soup is truly tasty and decadent, vegan and gluten free.

Serve with raw crackers or crusty warm bread.

Now off to work we go.  I wish you all a great taste filled with healthy foods and treats. x

Orders now being taken for Christmas……..

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