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Healthy Body and a Healthy Mind means a Healthy Life

Welcome to Virtuoso Foods

Virtuoso Foods has recently evolved and become a more inclusive one stop shop for Healthy Holistic services.

My focus has always been around food and ensuring I offer the best quality in what I make and offer, as well as making sure that the foods are not only tasty, filling & satisfying, that they are nutritionally balanced too.

The services my team and I offer encompass the whole ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ concept, and bringing this into reality.

With this in mind, as we move away from offering simply cakes and foods to order (although these are covered in our services below) and focusing more in the following areas:

  • Private Catering
  • Private Chef Services
  • Virtuoso Cooking School (private and group cooking classes offering informative workshops on numerous topics)
  • Days, weekend and week long Mindful & Relaxation retreats (UK & Europe locations)

Latest Blog Articles

Growth & Learnings

Recently, in the last week, I carried out a survey, reaching out to family, friends, customers, colleagues and those whom I have rubbed shoulders with along my foodie business journey, asking them for their honest input around what they thought of what we currently...

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Vegan World Food Fusion Cooking Class

Foods from around the world are not only tasty and full of flavour, they are exotic in the way they look, the ingredients used and the way they taste. You will have the chance to prepare and savour some of the worlds most vibrant and exciting dishes. You’ll learn how...

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The Essential Vegan Cooking Workshop

Good nutritional habits are all about knowing your ingredients, how they interact with your body and using them to maximise your output. Although we may know that certain foods are healthy, we don’t always know how to incorporate them in our cooking in order to create...

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