This is me… Guilda being playful and creating some delicious recipes for you!


Here you will find a selection of some of my favourite, most tasty yet nutritious recipes at your fingertips.

Having run a Cafe for over 4 years and now running a successful private catering business as well as being a Personal Health & Macrobiotic Chef and NLP, Life & Health coach, I have tried and tested many hundreds of recipes and simply chosen only the best for you to try at home.

The flavours are mixed, ranging from British to Indian, Meditaranean to Persian (where my love for food was born) and even a fusion of all of these brought together all with the same focus:

~  healthy    ~  nutritious      ~  tasty          ~  fresh         ~  seasonal 

I cook foods primarily that are Vegan and Gluten Free without using any refined sugars and only using healthy fats.  I also play around with Raw dishes.

Raw is where the food is uncooked and in its natural state and brought together to create some quite delicious and fancy dishes.  Although I don’t heavily focus on the Raw diet, I do believe that we all need to play around with some Raw recipes and include them in our diets as it is beneficial to eat at least 40% of our food intake ‘Raw’, allowing the digestive system to recover from heavily processed foods and to eat simply!

With my own journey into ‘healthy eating’ starting back in 2012 (and probably unsuccessfully for many years before), where I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, high cholesterol as well as being borderline diabetes, over the last few years, I have successfully managed to turn all 3 of these ‘ailments’ around on their heads simply through healthy eating, healthy drinking (fresh juices and smoothies) as well as keeping my body moving through a daily walking regime.  As I have some damage to the spine and discs in the back, my fitness tolerance levels are minimal however I walk daily (ensuring a minimum of 10,000 steps), some tai chi and simple yoga moves hence making sure that this has now become a part of my day to day routine to achieve ultimate health.

With all this in mind, and my love and passion for food, I wanted to create some delicious recipes to share with you to try at home with the aim of not having to miss out on eating good fats and good sugars that don’t have an adverse affect on the body.

I will also be bringing in my new found skills, learnings and findings through having just completed my Macrobiotics course (which included Macrobiotic Cooking & Health Coach skills) and finding the right balance in all that we eat and do = YIN v YANG**

I welcome your input, feedback, pictures of foods you make using my recipes, your recipe ideas and suggestion and whatever you would like to share.  Life is a journey shared!

With love, light and good health

Guilda x


**YIN&YANG:  yin and yang are two forces in the universe, according to a Chinese theory: yin is the passive, negative force and yang the active, positive force. According to this theory, wise people will detect these forces in the seasons, in food and will regulate their lives accordingly, in balance of the 2 forces!