Raw Foods & Cakes

All our raw cakes, brownies and energy balls are made fresh to demand. They are ‘raw’ in the sense that they are not cooked therefore maintaining their original nutrients and flavours and colours. The base for all our cakes and treats are a mix of raw nuts, coconut oils, whole bean vanilla, organic dates, a little pinch of himalayan pink salt and the additional fresh flavours that is specific to the cake you have chosen i.e. raw cacao for chocolate cake or fresh lemon and oranges for the citrus cake etc. There is NO added sugars, fats or oils added to any of the raw cakes and they are completely 100% RAW, Vegan and Gluten Free and 100% full flavoured, rich and satisfying.

To keep these raw cakes fresh they are frozen once created, to help keep its form and flavour until they are delivered to you. They thaw within 2 hours and can be served at this time and are good to keep refrigerated for a maximum of 10 days.

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