I have started this BLOG as a way to share my knowledge, my experiences and hopefully useful information that you will find helpful, insightful and most of all informative.

My blog is based around my motto, ‘Healthy Body, Healthy Mind’ in so much the emphasis being that whatever we feed the body, the mind with benefit, ensuring that the whole body and mind is taken care of holistically.

I will share with you my thoughts, my findings, my comparisons, delicious recipes for foods, snacks, treats and fresh juices and smoothies with information about what I feel and know the benefits are of the ingredients I use with a view of providing you with information that you can use for yourself and your families.

As with anything, it is great to share ideas, thoughts and information and I welcome you to take benefit from my blogs, which will be updated regularly and feedback to me any comments and thoughts you may have and even how you do things, prepare things
, your favourite recipes and how you have found best ways to make, prepare foods and drinks.

Basically communicate with me and we can grow together and learn from each other.

With love Guilda x