I love snacking!  Who doesn’t!  However, these days, being more health conscious and aware of the hype that sugar is bad, I have been playing with delicious new sweet recipes which contain NO added sugar.

We find sugar in pretty much everything we buy and eat however cooking fresh, from whole ingredients and non-processed is the best way to nourish our bodies without feeling guilty.

As you must know by now, I have been studying Macrobiotics now for the past month and this way of eating (non-processed, whole grains, whole foods, sea vegetables, vegetables and fruits plus so much more) has become a way of life for me simply because it makes me FEEL GREAT.  I am starting to curb by cravings as well as eating well and enough to satisfy my body without constantly wanting and looking for more.  In addition, through Macrobiotics, I learnt to eat mindfully and simply live more in a mindful way where I am conscious about my activities and decisions I make.  I can’t begin to tell you have effective this has been on my outlook on life and the progress I have made and realisations I have had.


So to understand this a little better, Macro means ‘life’ and Bios means ‘great’ = great life.  Macrobiotics is a tool that allows you to learn to live within the natural order of life, the constantly changing nature of all things.

The goal is to provide the body with essential nutrients so that it can function efficiently without loading it with toxins or excesses that must be eliminated or stored. And since the body is always adjusting to changes in the environment and in its own aging process, its needs will always change as well. The idea is to balance the effects of foods eaten with other influences on the body, largely through diet, and to adjust to changes in a controlled and peaceful manner.

So going back to showing you some of the quick, easy yet nutritious dishes I make at home, I wanted to share with you some pictures of my lunch earlier today as well as some delicious raw energy balls I made to treat myself and to treat guests when they pop in, always offering health…..


Red Lentil Pancakes filled with Beetroot, Carrot & Coriander (Churros)

So for lunch earlier today I made red lentil Indian churros made out of red split lentils and water ONLY, nothing else, no fats, no flours, nothing.  However I did soak the red lentils overnight, which makes them soft and removes natural gases and then I add some water (approx. 1 cup lentils to 1.5 cups water).  I added a pinch of salt, pinch of smoked paprika, 1/4 cup chopped coriander and 1 inch of fresh ginger to the lentils and in a food processor I blend it until the mixture is smooth.

For the stuffing, you can use any vegetable/herb you like.  Here I added grated carrot and beetroot, let it cook for 2 minutes on one side before turning over to the other side and cooking for another 2 minutes.

This dish is not only tasty, it is healthy and nutritious.  You can also use Mung Dhal yellow lentils too.

For my treat, I made beetroot & chocolate raw energy balls which are so nutty (cashes) and sweet (date) and tasty.

So as you can see, life is busy, life is good and life is getting healthier and tastier day by day.

If you would like any recipes to any of the dishes you have seen on my website or through my blogs then please comment and I will share more with you.

Until soon xx

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